QUESTION: How about an article in your Newsletter about witnessing to our Jewish doctors? I have four of them! I feel that I owe these fine professionals a debt of gratitude for their care and concern for my physical needs. I, in turn, would like to share with them that which is most precious to me—my faith in their Jewish Messiah.

ANSWER: Pointers on witnessing to Jewish people in general would be quite sufficient in helping you witness to your Jewish doctors. After all, they do fall into the same category. A good introduction to Jewish evangelism would be our book Share the New Life With a Jew written by Moishe and Ceil Rosen and published by Moody Press. Actually, it is really a course in general evangelism, because if you can witness to a Jewish person, you can witness to just about anyone.

On the one hand, discussing spiritual matters with your doctor could be initially more difficult because doctors are very busy people and often do not have time for in-depth conversation with their patients. On the other hand, your doctor is the one most likely to see you during a time of stress. Your ability to cope and find strength in the Lord during those times, can be a powerful story to an unbeliever. (Of course, in such a case you must make it known that God in Christ is the source of your strength.)

Another opening” might be to send a personal note of thanks for your doctor’s services or a greeting card at holiday times. The Jewish New Year began on September 24 this year, and it is not too late to extend a New Year’s greeting at this time.

If you are able to introduce the topic of knowing Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, and if your doctor indicates an interest, there are various literary aids we can recommend or help you obtain. One of the best things you can give a Jewish person who needs to know the Lord is our Questions and Answers from Jews for Jesus. This is a brief, easily read 23-page booklet that answers the most frequently asked questions raised by Jewish people about Christ.

If your doctor or other Jewish friend welcomes this booklet, the next step might be to lend him or her a copy of the book Yeshua, the Jewish Way to Say Jesus. This is a “primer” on messianic prophecy, building a more thorough case for the messiahship of Jesus from Old Testament prophecies. It is better to lend such a book rather than give it to the individual, because people tend to read borrowed books more quickly than those given as gifts.

Two other helpful books that can be obtained from your local bookstore are Betrayed! by Stan Telchin and Christianity Is Jewish by Edith Schaeffer. Betrayed! tells how Mr. Telchin, a Jewish businessman, became a believer as the result of the story and challenge of his college-age daughter. Christianity Is Jewish explores the Jewish “roots” of the Christian faith in a Scripture-based study.

The Lord knows your desire to witness to your Jewish doctors, and as you continue to pray for them, he will certainly provide you with the opportunities and wisdom you need.


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