September 1985 Newsletter (5745:11)

Get Ready…Get Set…Stop
September 1, 1985
Author: Moishe Rosen

As the starting shot crackles through the air, the runners begin their race. A factory whistle hoots and workers lay aside their tools. A school bell rings, and students slam their books shut, eager for other pursuits—or reluctantly leave the playground for the confines of the classroom. A trumpet blares and the troops prepare for…

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An Invitation to Pray

Do you love Jesus as your Savior and Lord? And do you love the Jews, God’s ancient people? The Jewish High Holiday season affords you a unique opportunity to put that love and concern into action. On September 25, worldwide Jewry will be observing Yom Kippur, a solemn day of prayer and fasting. There will…

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Who is a Jew?
Topics: tisha b av

How can you say you’re still a Jew?” I imagine that question is asked of many Jewish Christians. It was my sister who posed it to me. I believe that this question arises from the difficulty that most Jews have in reconciling the image of an infinite, all-powerful God with that of the man Jesus….

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Why No Sacrifice? (An Open Letter to my Jewish People)

If you own a car, you need a gas station. But if all you have is a bicycle, then you don’t need a gas station, right?” the rabbi reasoned. “Of course, true,” I conceded. “Well, then,” he concluded, “if you don’t have a temple, why in the world would you need a sacrifice?” His argument…

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The Most Frequent Questions In Jewish Evangelism

Question: You say you believe in Jesus, but you’re still Jewish. If you’re still Jewish, do you carry out the Law of Moses? Answer: Some of us carry out various parts of the law and others do not, just as in the larger Jewish community, where some are more observant than others. The major difference…

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A Loser Becomes a Winner

Michael was a loser. Bounced from one institution to another, from one hospital to another, he was in essence a man nobody wanted. He had been raised in a Jewish home, but didn’t really understand his heritage or what it offered him. He had drifted away from his Jewish roots and from his God. I…

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Is Donald Duck a Jew for Jesus?

The things Goldstein gets me into! My friend Baruch Goldstein is a good missionary and a very competent leader at our New York branch of Jews for Jesus, but every now and then he gets some crazy ideas. I love Baruch’s sense of humor, but sometimes his fixation” on gorillas and gorilla jokes isn’t funny…

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Brilliant Minds and Broken Hearts
Author: Avi Snyder

Look,” Eva said. “I listen to all these people on the radio-smart people. Smarter than you or me, boychik.* So if Yeshua is the Messiah, why don’t all the smart people believe in him?” I shrugged. “Maybe for the same reason that Aristotle never discovered that the earth is round.” From Eva’s expression, I could…

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A Newborn at 84
Author: Dan Strull

Ruth is one of the thousands who saw our Yeshua ad in Time magazine last year. Like hundreds of other inquisitive Jewish people, she sent in the coupon for a free copy of Yeshua, the Jewish Way to Say Jesus. Her coupon was processed at our San Francisco headquarters, the book was mailed to her…

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10 Principles of Witnessing from John 4

1. Do not isolate yourself from the sinners and outcasts” around you. John 4 deals with our Lord’s witness to a Samaritan, ordinarily despised and avoided by “respectable” Jews. In addition to being a Samaritan, she was a woman with a bruised reputation, apparently known in the community as such. That is probably the reason…

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A Comparison between Joseph and Jesus
July 1, 1985

Discover the many parallels between the Joseph (son of Jacob and Rachel) and Jesus.

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