One of the disadvantages of handing out tracts on street corners is that we don’t usually have the opportunity to meet people a second time. We’re always moving on to a different city or broadsiding” on a different street corner. Even here at our home base in San Francisco , we don’t expect to meet many people twice. Then again….

One day, as I stood on a street corner handing out tracts, a young man with sandy-brown hair approached me to ask some questions.

“I’m Jewish,” he said, “and I can’t figure out why you don’t see a contradiction in the name ‘Jews for Jesus .’”

I explained briefly and then asked if he would like some additional information mailed to him. He pondered, then said he would. I wrote his name and address on my note pad. I noticed that he was from the Portland area and was in San Francisco only briefly. “Oh, I’ll be in Portland with a group of Jews for Jesus later in 1979,” I said before I realized that I didn’t yet know exactly when I’d be there.

After we parted, I prayed for Larry’s salvation and saw to it that he received some additional Gospel materials. That, I supposed, was that. I never really expected to see Larry again in this lifetime.

Six months and thousands of faces later, I was in Portland . I had long since forgotten that December day and, I was enjoying my first broadsiding experience in downtown Portland . Suddenly, a familiar figure passed me. I did a quick double-take to look at the face. At the same time, the figure stopped short to look at me. Within seconds, we remembered where and when our first meeting had taken place ? in December, near Union Square in San Francisco .

Larry was in Portland also. In the interim, though, he had moved, and his mail had never quite followed him to his present address. For this reason, he had not received any of our literature. Praise God, he was still interested in hearing more about the Gospel. I was delighted, of course, to take down his new address, and just as delighted that I was being used a second time in his life, in a different city. I prayed again, thanking God for the privilege of being His servant and instrument and for the miraculous ways in which we can do His work as we travel throughout the nation.


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