From Rob Wertheim in San Francisco, “I met a Jewish man named Abe while answering LiveChat questions at our Jews for Jesus website. Abe lives in the Pacific Northwest. He grew up observing the Jewish festivals, as his mother is Jewish—while also having a Christmas tree and hearing stories about Jesus from his father, who isn’t Jewish. His mother read him stories from the Jewish Scriptures, and though they lived in a rural area with little to no Jewish population, she managed to keep a kosher home!

“Abe had questions about a few Messianic prophecies. He was clearly open to Jesus but was concerned about the implications for those who did not believe. I replied that he had some very good questions, and that it would be great if we could speak by phone. Abe gave me his phone number and we connected the next day. In fact, we began to meet regularly to look at the Scriptures and to address his concerns. He was very enthusiastic, and we began to meet using the Facebook Messenger video app. In addition to the prophecies, we began to study the Gospel of John together. This led us to discuss what Jesus meant when he talked about being ‘born again.’

“Abe said that he was ready to take that step of faith, and so we prayed together for the Lord to forgive him of his sins and to renew him through receiving His Spirit. Please pray for Abe’s growth in the Lord and for my ministry to him in the months to come.”