From Israel, Leonid Krouter reports, “Hallelujah! My uncle Maxim prayed the sinner’s prayer! I have been praying for him for 26 years.

“When I first came to believe in Jesus in Odessa, my uncle was very upset and wanted to hear nothing about it. When I joined the staff of Jews for Jesus, he became even more angry. Every time we met after he emigrated to Israel, he mocked my faith. During my last meeting with him in June 2018, he still mocked Natasha and me for our faith in Jesus. He never asked us a single question about what we believe or what we do. But God is sovereign!

“Uncle Maxim lives alone, and at 71 years of age he still works. On July 2, he failed to come to work or answer phone calls. The next day, he was found at home, unconscious. He was in an intensive care ward for a day, in a coma. Natasha and I came to the hospital to visit him. Maxim   came out of the coma and was very open to hear the gospel! In fact, he believed as we explained how to have reconciliation with God, and was ready to pray to receive Jesus! My wife Natasha led him in prayer. Hallelujah! Please pray that Uncle Maxim will connect with a congregation of believers in Israel.”

Leonid and Natasha Krouter

Names are changed to protect privacy.