Loving and Serving the West Village

Loving and Serving the West Village

Because the gospel is spiritual life and vitality, we Jews for Jesus are passionate about sharing it in whatever interesting and engaging ways we can. And though we try all sorts of things to help people know Jesus, everything we do is meant to fall into one or more of the following categories: go and tell, come and see, love and serve.

Last month our New York team spread some extra love in Manhattan’s West Village. Passing out gift bags and glasses of cold, fruited water near Washington Square Park, the team connected with all kinds of people. Each gift bag included a black and white cookie (as iconic a delicacy as a true New York bagel, and just as hard to find anywhere else), a stick of honey (for a sweet new year), a hand-held rubber stress ball, and a “let’s talk” business card.

In addition to loving and serving through gift bags and cold water, the team spent time praying for the people in the neighborhood, and for the growing involvement we hope to have in the West Village.

We hope these photos give you a feeling for the neighborhood and for our team, and inspire you to pray for both.

Photos by Rachel Friedlander


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