Sidney, Australia

Bob Mendelsohn reports, “It’s not every day a rabbi comes into the Jews for Jesus book shop. ‘Y’ is originally from the United States, but has lived in Jerusalem for 45 years. He has twelve children, ten of whom are married. He came hoping for financial assistance but was willing to stay and discuss the sedra (weekly Torah portion read in the synagogue). We looked at the story of the Israelites looking to the serpent lifted up on a pole for healing in the wilderness and I used John 3:14-16 to point out the parallel to Y’shua. ‘Y’ listened carefully and offered a blessing after our twenty-five minutes together. He left with a copy of my story booklet and a lot to consider.

“‘Y’ returned two hours later, having read my story.  He had questions about the ‘feelings’ of coming to faith and what is different today. He seems genuinely interested in the gospel. Please pray for his salvation.”  

Tel Aviv, Israel

Bimini Cohen reports: “I have ministered to Miri* for about two years now. We have met regularly on an almost weekly basis, studying the book of Matthew, and parts of Acts and John.

“The other week I went over a few salvation Scriptures with her. I asked if she believed, and she said, ‘Yes.’ I then asked her if she wanted to receive Jesus into her heart to be her Lord and Savior. She responded, ‘Yes, I want intimacy with God.’ She prayed with me to receive the Lord—it was an emotional moment.

“When I saw her the following week, she had already talked to a girlfriend she served with in the army about Jesus, and discovered that her friend believes in Him, too! How good is our Lord, that He has given Miri this kind of support for her newfound faith and walk with Jesus!”

Kharkov, Ukraine

Svetlana Kotlomina reports, “As I was handing out broadsides, a man took one and said, ‘Jews for Jesus! Tell me, do you recognize me as Jewish, if my father’s name was _____ and my mother’s name was ______, but they did everything possible to hide the fact that they were Jews to protect their jobs?’ I replied, ‘If you know that your mother is Jewish and your father is Jewish, then you are Jewish.’ Yury was glad to hear my answer and accepted an invitation to our Shabbat meeting. In fact, he was one of the first to arrive at the meeting! Please pray for Yury to find life and salvation in Jesus Messiah.

“Early in the morning before a sortie, a brother prayed, ‘Bless us so that each one of us will receive at least one Jewish contact.’ Later, with only ten minutes remaining to hand out tracts at a train station, I thought, Where is my Jewish contact? Moments later, an imposing man wearing a gorgeous hat approached me, took a broadside and stopped to read it. Eduard told me, ‘I’m a Jewish man from Georgia. For many years, I studied different religions: Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. As I read the Bible, I saw that Jesus is Messiah.’ Eduard willingly gave me his contact information. His wife is also Jewish, and they have a 24-year-old son. Please pray for God to bless this family with faith and repentance.”

Rio de Janeiro

Sergio Danon reports, “This year at our Passover banquet, a well-known Jewish author came, having been invited by one of our volunteers. He participated throughout the ceremony, but when we came to the third cup, after hearing that it was fulfilled in Jesus, he did not drink.

“A few months later, we met again and Benjamin* said that he ‘likes Jesus,’ but cannot accept Him because he will feel like a traitor, he will no longer be Jewish and all the deaths he witnessed in the Holocaust will have been in vain. Despite these strong feelings, he said he is willing to meet to study the Bible with me. Please pray that God opens his heart, and gives me the wisdom and the discernment to witness to him.”

*Not their real name