Kata Tar reports, “I used to play in a Klezmer band in Hungary. The other Jewish musicians knew about my faith in Jesus. Recently Judith, one of the band members, contacted me. Her mother had become really ill; she had already been through a surgery but her pain soon returned and she had to go back to the hospital.

“I had arrived in Hungary for a short holiday, when my friend Judith passed on her mother’s request that I visit and pray for her. I sent out a quick prayer request to all my praying friends, then got a small Hungarian booklet about the Messiah and off I went. On my way to the hospital I phoned her, only to find out that she had been taken away for two hours of examinations; given my short stay I was unable to see her after all. On my way to the airport, I managed to mail the booklet to her with a letter. In my note I asked her to consider that God wants much more than to restore her health. He wants to give her eternal life in the Messiah Jesus.

“I recently heard that she had been taken to another hospital where they discovered the reason for her pain and operated on her. She walked home. Praise the Lord! I phoned her from London. She said she had read the booklet and thanked me for praying. While she is still hesitant about Jesus, she is open and recognizes the Messiah’s role in addressing her pain. It seems as if God used the difficult moment of Zsofi’s life to open a gap in her heart towards her Messiah. Please pray for her salvation.”


Leonid Dolganovsky reports, “I have often testified to Yura, one of my Jewish contacts. He reads the Bible I gave him from time to time, but he hasn’t shown much interest. While I knew that the Word of God was working, there were no apparent results.

“Then I turned to God in prayer and asked, ‘Father, show me please what I must do so that his heart of stone will become a heart of flesh.’ I recalled how, when I first began my ministry with Jews for Jesus, I visited my people with my wife Inna. People responded differently to us as a couple and that is when I saw the most people come to faith in Christ.

“I talked with Inna, and we decided to go together to visit Yura. When we arrived, there was not only Yura, but also his wife Lena, who is a good acquaintance of my wife. To my surprise, Inna began to talk to Lena. The power of the gospel filled the room. Yura was all ears; he listened to Inna very attentively. When she finished talking, Yura said, ‘Yes, one can bow down before such a God!’ At last, I could see God’s Word had worked in him. That day, Yura received Jesus.


Olga Ammosova reports, “Last year, Esther, a 70-year-old Jewish woman came to our Rosh Hashanah holiday service for the first time. At the end of the meeting, she responded to an altar call. Then we didn’t see her for a long time. I phoned Esther to remind her that we meet every week to study the Bible and give praise to God, and that we would be glad to see her join us. Esther said she would come, and she kept her promise and began attending regularly.

“I began to visit with her periodically and found that her decision for Jesus was sincere. She is especially interested in prayer, perhaps because her sister is gravely sick. Esther asked me how she should pray for her sister. I reminded her that sin is the most serious problem and ultimately the cause of all problems, so repentance before God is very important for every person. Also, prayer must come from our heart, because the Lord knows our thoughts and will put the necessary words of prayer into our mouth.

“Esther and I prayed for the Lord to bless her in prayer and grant her necessary words during prayers. She began to tell her sister about God and her faith in Yeshua. She prays for her sister’s repentance and health. Pray for Esther, for her growth in God and for her sister’s salvation.”