Yarden Nasser reports, In our previous Galilee campaign, Helena had seen our newspaper ad, ordered our Yeshua book and surrendered her life to Him. After a short time, however, she went astray because of pressure from friends and family. She was reluctant to get back to fellowship with other believers, fearing that people would judge her. She is very young, she loves Yeshua and relates to him personally, but was not rooted in the Scriptures, so I challenged her to study them.

“My husband Peter and I remained in touch, inviting Helena to our home for Shabbat dinners and seeing her occasionally when we were in the area visiting family. She became dear to us. She wrote to me a few months ago and shared that she was struggling. I continued to keep in touch and pray for her.

“I recently called Helena to see how she was. ‘You wouldn’t believe what happened—God saved me from death!’ she exclaimed. She had been sitting on a bus and decided to get up and stand in the aisle. Minutes later, a deadly crash occurred. The seats where she had been sitting were crushed and five people who had been sitting in those seats were killed. Helena had a concussion, but was otherwise unharmed.

“Thanks be to God that Helena recognizes it was the Lord who saved her life. Please pray that she will respond with greater trust in Him, and that the Lord will continue to use me to impart His wisdom and stability to her life.”


Avi Snyder reports, “While handing out broadside tracts in Essen, I spotted a woman sitting on a railing beside a pool in the midst of a path for pedestrians.  She rocked a baby stroller with one hand and absent-mindedly stroked the surface of the pool of water with the other.  I walked over to her and offered her a tract. ‘May I ask you a question?’ I said.  She looked up silently, waiting for me to say more.  ‘Do you have an opinion about Jesus?’ I asked. ‘Who do you think He is?’

“‘Sometimes I think He’s real,’ she replied. ‘Sometimes I don’t. Mostly I don’t know.’

“‘Well,’ I said, “I know He’s real.  I know He’s the Messiah of my people and the Saviour of the world who died for all of our sins and then rose from the dead.’  I went on to explain the gospel to her in a few simple sentences, and then asked, ‘Do you think that what I’ve told you might be true?’

“She shrugged sadly. ‘You just can’t know.’

“‘I think you can,’ I said. ‘We just have to ask.’

“‘I asked,’ she said. ‘Long ago. He never answered.’

“Softly, but boldly, I offered, ‘Yes, He has.  I think He sent me to answer you.’

“Teresa gave me her name and address so that I could send her more information.  And as we talked further, I discovered that she’s already in touch with a Christian couple from a strong church in Essen – a church that has helped us much.  It’s clear that the Lord is pursuing Teresa, even if she feels that He’s been slow to answer.  Please pray that she’ll give her heart to Him in His perfect timing.

Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports: “While handing out broadsides at Venice Beach, I met Gerry, a Jewish believer in Jesus. He sent me over to talk to Dror, an Israeli vendor who has been opening his heart to the Lord.  Dror informed me that he only started reading the Bible recently because Gerry agreed to teach him how to snowboard—if he would attempt to read the Bible.  Dror has been amazed (and so have I) by what God has been showing him about Jesus in just three months of reading the Bible, and now his brother is reading as well.  At this point, Dror believes that Jesus is Messiah and Son of God, but has problems seeing him as God in the flesh.  Please pray for the Lord to give Dror a divine revelation of the person of Jesus. His brother is also willing to get together with me. I’d like to involve Ofer, one of our Israeli staff, if possible.  Ofer just moved to Southern California to study.”