October 2010 Newsletter (5771:2)

Meet our Missionary Trainees!
October 1, 2010

Simon Lissak and Kata Tar have just begun their second full month of missionary training at our center in New York City. They are learning the missionary craft, as well as learning the ropes of life in Manhattan.  Your prayers during this exciting and challenging time would mean so much—and what better way to ask […]

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Sneak Preview: Excerpted from the Moishe Rosen biography
Author: Ruth Rosen

This month’s excerpts from the yet-to-be published Moishe Rosen biography gives a glimpse into what happened after his wife Ceil came to faith in Jesus… [Moishe] hoped the rabbi would not think badly of his wife. Ceil is an intelligent person,” he said. “I just need you to give me the intellectual reasons that will […]

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What Do You Say When…

Question: I have a Jewish friend who says that her religion is being spiritual and believing in God as she understands Him.” She says her views are very open and that she dislikes the intolerance and narrow-mindedness of people who preach their own ideas about God and what He expects. What do I say, and […]

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Bits from the Branches

Israel Yarden Nasser reports, In our previous Galilee campaign, Helena had seen our newspaper ad, ordered our Yeshua book and surrendered her life to Him. After a short time, however, she went astray because of pressure from friends and family. She was reluctant to get back to fellowship with other believers, fearing that people would […]

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Outside the Camp

A pastor once told me that he appreciated the ministry of Jews for Jesus but could not invite us to speak in his pulpit. He had what he felt was a good relationship with the rabbi across the street, with an annual pulpit exchange. I have an opportunity to be a witness through this pulpit […]

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