Serving the Lord is not a job,” yet some people seem to go about it as though they were wageworkers.  They give as much of themselves as they believe the “job” requires and don’t expect a whole lot in return—just enough to keep them going.  Others enter the ministry with a far more zealous but equally bad attitude, which might be called “Kingdom Building.”*

These particular kingdom builders declare that it is the Kingdom of God for which they labor, but they behave as though they are in charge until He gets back.  They want to rule the part of the kingdom they see as their own.

Kingdom Builders gather more power and authority to themselves than is necessary to serve God. They want power, respect and authority, and often use it to make others responsible for doing the work.

They love the small honors and approval bestowed by the world. They are happiest when they are well regarded. They carefully craft their public statements to be most acceptable to most people.

This kind of kingdom builder would never be satisfied if God called them to be shepherd of a small flock. They need to walk tall, talk big, and stand like Saul, head and shoulders above the crowd.

But a call to the ministry is not an invitation to have lamb chops for dinner.  It is a call to gather and care for the lambs.  It is a call to burden one’s self with what might be perceived as smelly, stupid, sheep that would walk off a cliff because they are shortsighted.

It takes a bit of mature self-realization to accept the fact that God didn’t call you to the biggest, best and most beautiful of situations. It takes a lot of grace to love the little flock. It takes humility to remember that you are one of that flock.

Whoever would be a minister for Yeshua would do well to see that His ministry was focused on the cross.  He preached many sermons, healed many sick people, encouraged the weak, empowered people by his presence, but his main ministry was centered at the cross.

He didn’t come to claim a crown, not at that time; He came to carry the cross and to be executed. It was God’s plan from the foundation of the earth that Yeshua would be classified by man as an evildoer and be crossified (crucified) despite the good words He spoke and the good works He did.

How then, do some of us who count ourselves as servants and disciples expect that we will be well regarded when our Master—Who spoke the truth best and did the best deeds and in Whom there was no fault—was despised?  We need to speak well and act well without expecting the world to appreciate us. We too soon forget His words:  “Then He said to them all, ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me'”  (Luke 9:23).

Yet it was the same savior who also said, “My yoke is easy and My burden is light”  (Matthew 11:30).

God told us what it means to serve Him, and He’s given His promises to uphold our efforts to obey.

[* Ed: we are aware that this phrase is often used in a positive and biblical way by various pastors and laypeople. This is not meant to disparage those who use the term to describe their genuine service to God, for His Kingdom.]