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It’s always nice to get "fan mail," but while we enjoy the nice things you say, we don’t usually print them because it might seem like boasting. However, letters telling us of opportunities you had to share your faith because of something we suggested in the newsletter are actually kind of humbling. They inspire us, and we think they can inspire our other readers.

Remember Moishe’s suggestion to "have your own witnessing campaign" by calling Jewish surnames in the phone book? We are so proud of several of our readers who had the courage to do this. You know who you are. This is one letter we just had to share with you, from Marilee in Michigan:

At Moishe’s suggestion, I wrote down and am calling all the names of the "Rosen"-somethings in the Ann Arbor phone book (77 of them), and this gentleman gave me his contact info, saying his ex-girlfriend was a Jews for Jesus person, and thanked me warmly.

He was my eleventh call. I’m on my 46th today and will keep going. What a grand, new experience at facing rejections but joining you all in that endeavor. Sometimes I’ve cried, but not all for me, but they reject such a wonderful life—full of love that our Yeshua offered and offers.

Shalom, and much love in Him,

The following day we had this post script:

Two more contacts—what a great feeling when people say "yes." I went from #11 (yes!), (That I already sent you), and then #69 and #70 (below) said "Yes." Two in a row—it gave me such courage to finish!

On a different note, after the article "Why Not Wear Your Witness," we received the following e-mail from a friend named Lisa:

Hi. This is really about a gospel button, not a t-shirt, but the recent article about the t-shirts reminded me of an opportunity I had many years ago as a result of wearing one of your "Goyim for Jesus" buttons. I was taking a bus from Chicago to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Because of a strike or some other airline problem, the bus station was crowded. As I was working my way through the crowds to board the bus, a young Jewish man (who was forced to take the bus because he couldn’t fly), noticed the button I was wearing on my wool coat and asked me about it. I don’t remember the exact response, but something like, "Even Gentiles need to make a decision to follow the Messiah." That was all I had time to say because we had to board the bus.

Well, after a little while another young man came and asked me to switch seats with him because this Jewish man whom he was trying to witness to wanted to talk to ME! This man had been witnessed to before by his brother’s friend, who was in Jews for Jesus and his curiosity was piqued. What an amazing conversation we had as I answered his questions for the rest of the trip! He was a very intelligent and educated college student attending the University of Iowa (and from New York, I think), and here I was, a simple high school student from Iowa, but GOD gave me the words to speak that day, and I was able to answer his sincere and intelligent questions—in retrospect, it was the most inspired conversation I have ever had! I have always wondered what happened to this man, but I am sure God spoke to him that day. Thanks for the button! —Lisa B

We have always felt that our Jews for Jesus friends and supporters are a very special kind of people, in terms of your ability to care and help in efforts where we don’t have huge, visible results to show. Please keep on sending us your experiences in witnessing to Jewish people, so that our other readers can be inspired and encouraged about the possibilities.


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