Phoenix outpost

Bruce Rapp reports: Gary is a Jewish inmate in a local prison. A Christian friend asked me to visit with him. I did minister to him and he prayed with me to receive the Lord. The following is part of a letter from that Christian friend:

‘Dear Bruce,

Two years ago Gary told his wife that his mission was to tell everybody that Jesus was NOT the Son of God. Even then I was sure the Lord would be faithful to reveal to him that Yeshua is his Messiah! I believe that Gary now has a wonderful future when he is released. . . . I am thrilled that you will be visiting Gary again. Thank you! You are in my prayers.'”

Tel Aviv

Before long we hope to be reporting to you about the second Behold Your God campaign in Israel, but in the meantime, we wanted to share with you some of the stories from the weeks of ministry following our first campaign there.

Ze’ev Nevo reports: “During follow-up calling, I spoke with Moshe from Haifa. Moshe had sent in the coupon from our newspaper ad to receive the Yeshua book in Hebrew. During the conversation, Moshe told me that through reading the book, he is now convinced that Yeshua is the Messiah.

“Moshe has many health problems, and he is not currently able to go to congregation. He probably hasn’t told his family about his new belief. However, he is willing to continue studying with me over the phone. Please pray for Moshe’s health, and that he will have real faith and the courage to share the Lord with his friends and family.”

Ofer Levy reports: “Marta met Tzvi during the campaign on Even Givrol Street in Tel Aviv, and he accepted a copy of the New Testament from her. About two weeks later I called Tzvi, and he had been reading the New Testament every night. I asked him what he thinks, and Tzvi said he believes Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel.

“We prayed, and Tzvi gave his life to the Lord. He has been attending congregation. Please pray that he will continue to grow in his new faith.”

Peter Nasser reports: “Narkis responded to our newspaper ad for a free copy of the Yeshua book. After he got the book, I called to schedule a visit. At first he was just interested in Yeshua as a historical figure—but he asked for a copy of the Jesus film. After seeing the movie, now he says that he is looking at Yeshua differently. Narkis now is ready to meet and studying more about Yeshua. Please pray for him to come to faith.”

Dan Sered reports: “During the Gush Dan campaign we met Michael at a university, where he studies psychology and anthropology. Michael was open so we sent him the Yeshua book. Since meeting us and reading the book, Michael decided to write a class paper about Jews for Jesus and Messianic Jews. This led him first to our website, and also to a visit with me. His interest seemed only intellectual at first, but as we studied some scriptures, suddenly Michael began to open up spiritually. Please pray that
Michael will come to know Yeshua, as we continue to meet and study together.”

Los Angeles

Stan Meyer reports: “Alan came to faith as a teenager in the 1990s. He and his mother (who meets with my wife, Holly) are Israeli. Alan returned from Israel, from a Jewish tour for young adults with all kinds of doubts about Jesus. He had heard that the New Testament texts were corrupted, that the New Testament borrowed the gospel story from pagan sources, etc. I remembered that I ‘happened’ to have F.F. Bruce’s book, The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? on the back seat of my car. I lent it to Alan and he agreed to start meeting with me again. Pray that Alan’s doubts can be put to rest.”