One of our readers posed this question:

I have had a slight confusion for some time which was brought to the front burner when I read in the July 15 issue of JFJ Realtime* about Tisha b’Av.

I have always” thought there were three temples, although reference is made in your article to two. I have counted them as 1) Solomon’s, 2) Ezra/ Nehemiah’s 3) Herod’s.

I would appreciate it if you could clarify this for me.

Thank you, and God bless.


Hi Paula,

Thanks for your e-mail. Ezra/Nehemiah’s Temple and Herod’s Temple were both the Second Temple—the difference is that Herod built the Temple up much more magnificently than it was originally in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah. But it would still be the same Temple, namely, the Second.

Hope that clarifies things,

Rich Robinson
Research Librarian
Jews for Jesus

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