Kristy Welles, our trusty Co-Laborer in Messiah in the Seattle area, wrote about her experiences on the Marseilles Behold Your God campaign:

Marseilles struck me as a modern-day Casablanca. I was thrilled to see the amazing blend of different ethnicities and to share the GOOD NEWS with them. I am not fluent in either French or Arabic but have some knowledge of both—and had many opportunities to use what I knew. I came away from this campaign absolutely marveling at the receptivity of the people. We know that relations between the U.S. and France are strained to say the least, and that France is described as dark and secular, but the people’s willingness to take our broadsides (tracts) was phenomenal.

One day my sortie (tract-passing expedition) location was the Vieux port. It always blows my mind when someone comes up to me wanting to ask a question. The sortie was almost over and we were about ready to leave when a 19-year-old Jewish girl named Emilie approached me. She wanted to know what it was all about and how someone Jewish could believe in Jesus. She and her friend seemed a bit unsure about us, but her desire to know more overrode that uncertainty and she gave me her contact information.

Another day, my teammate Sara (who is fluent in French) and I were walking in the park, engaging as many people as possible in conversation with a goal of gathering as many contacts as possible. A man was standing with several others when he noticed our T-shirts and walked toward us. He was a Muslim and wanted to know what we were about. He then told us that after seeing the film The Passion of the Christ, his heart began to change regarding the Muslim way of life. Telling us of his background, he shared that he had been through many heartbreaking experiences, and he was trying to find peace. The Holy Spirit worked as this man poured out his heart to us, with my friend translating. I felt the need to ask some probing questions, which led us to ask Mustapha if he would like to have a personal relationship with Jesus. He said yes, and we then prayed with him as he received Christ. It was a joyful time. On the way back to meet our team leader we told Mustapha that it was important for him to tell someone what had happened. He told Cyril, our team leader. We were all rejoicing, even snapping group photos!

There were so many more good conversations. This was the first evangelistic outreach of its kind in Marseilles; please pray with us that these and other conversations will be the seeds of a great harvest to come!


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