Fort Lauderdale

Stan Meyer reports, I called Lloyd after he signed our webpage guest book and said he’d like more information. He signed as a Jewish believer in Jesus, but when I asked if he had ever asked Jesus into his life the answer was ‘no.’ In fact, he asked me how he could be certain he was going to heaven. He prayed with me over the phone to receive Yeshua (Jesus).”

Greg Savitt reports, “Jerry, a Jewish man, had e-mailed the office asking some general questions about Jesus. I telephoned him, but he was unable to talk because he had lost his larynx due to cancer. We continued to e-mail, and Jerry appeared open to Christ. Then I received an e-mail from his wife, Ingrid, that Jerry was in the hospital in critical condition. I drove to visit him at the Baptist hospital in Miami. Jerry was listless and pale, but he became very alert when we talked about Jesus. Before I left, I asked Jerry to pray and ask God if Jesus was the Son of God, and if God had sent Him into the world to pay for our sins. The very next day I received an e-mail telling me that Jerry had asked Jesus into his heart. I have been visiting him regularly, studying the basic tenets of the faith. He readily absorbs Scripture and confesses his love for Yeshua. Last week, he was baptized in his home. Baruch haShem (Bless the Lord)! Jerry continues studying the Bible with me every week, and we have asked in faith that the Great Physician will heal him of his throat cancer.”


Bimini Cohen reports, “I went with my translator to visit Eugenia, an elderly Jewish Russian-speaking woman with whom I have been visiting occasionally for over a year. Although she is on my daily prayer list, she never before showed much interest in looking at the Bible. She was always preoccupied with Russian soap operas (yes, they are very popular here in Boston), and her many health challenges. So it seemed out of the blue when we came and she told us that she believes in Jesus, and that He is in her heart every day! She mentioned that a Jewish woman whom she’s never met calls her daily on the telephone to tell her Jesus loves her (sounds like an angel!). She even told us to go down the hall to tell her friend Isaac (who is also Jewish) that Jesus loves him and died for him so his soul will be saved (her words)! We are humbled in acknowledging how God does not need us at all. And we stand in amazement at how He works in the hearts of those for whom we are praying.”


Mira Gracheva reports, “The rain of God’s blessings over Moscow! It rained for a whole week and many people were upset. But it’s wonderful to realize that God’s Son shone over our city! This week, seven Jewish people told Yeshua, ‘Be my Savior!’ Please pray for these people: Alla, a Russian Jewish woman from Germany; Raisa and Lyubov, who prayed with me on a sortie (tract-passing expedition) in the middle of a crowd; Maria and Lyubov who each prayed with me over the phone; Era and Faina, with whom I study regularly prayed with me in my home. Please pray for all these people to grow in faith.”

Tel Aviv

Shlomy Abramov reports, “About two years ago my wife Miriam and I started praying about how to use David Brickner’s book, Future Hope, which has been translated into Hebrew. Miriam felt that God wanted us to go door-to-door with this particular book. Getting volunteers to serve with us in this was not so easy. After further prayer a few chosen people came forward. Many months went by and we faithfully kept sharing Yeshua door-to-door, offering this book to those who were interested. Recently a man called the office and said he wanted to hear about Yeshua as someone had come to his door with a book. I went to meet him and as we talked about the Lord, ‘Louis’ wanted to ask Yeshua into his heart. Please pray for him to grow in faith. Also pray for me as I disciple him. He is married and has three children but his wife is not open to the gospel at this time. Please pray that she also receives Messiah.”