From Toronto, Marcello Araujo reports, ‘If only God would give me a sign, I would believe in Him.’ That’s what Ramela said when I asked if she believed God was real. I asked Ramela if she had already asked God for a particular sign. Her answer: ‘My two sons are losing their hearing, and when He heals them, then I will believe in Him.’

“Ramela attended Hebrew school as a child and regards the Bible as children’s stories, similar to those in every other culture. She pointed out that there are numerous accounts of the great flood. I pointed out that the various stories of a global flood corroborate the biblical account. She paused for a minute, and with tears in her eyes, she whispered, ‘My two children are losing their hearing. I have asked God to heal them.’

“I asked her if she blamed God for what was happening to her children; to my surprise she said no. She said, ‘Perhaps this is happening because God wants me to pay attention to Him.’ At that point I prayed for the Lord to heal Eden and Talin and that He would open Ramela’s eyes and heart. As I finished praying Ramela said, ‘Their condition has not gotten any worse; maybe that is my answer.’ Please pray for the salvation of Ramela and her two children.”

Editor’s observation: Ramela did not sound as though she needed a sign to know that God is real. It is not unusual for people who know deep down that God is real to say they will believe in Him if He gives them a sign. What they want is not so much to know if God is real, but if they are real to God. Will He address their doubts, their fears, their hurts? Often those who ask for a sign are not contemplating God’s existence as much as they are the questioning whether He is a personal God with whom they can have a relationship. Behind the request for a sign is often an unspoken question: “Does God care about me?”

The Scriptures say that through creation, God has provided all that we need in order to know that He exists. Through His Son’s sacrifice, He demonstrated His love for us. But in His grace He often provides signs for those who are struggling to trust Him.


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