October 2005 Newsletter (5766:2)

Confessions of a Co-Laborer
October 1, 2005

Kristy Welles, our trusty Co-Laborer in Messiah in the Seattle area, wrote about her experiences on the Marseilles Behold Your God campaign: Marseilles struck me as a modern-day Casablanca. I was thrilled to see the amazing blend of different ethnicities and to share the GOOD NEWS with them. I am not fluent in either French…

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Bits from the Branches

Fort Lauderdale Stan Meyer reports, I called Lloyd after he signed our webpage guest book and said he’d like more information. He signed as a Jewish believer in Jesus, but when I asked if he had ever asked Jesus into his life the answer was ‘no.’ In fact, he asked me how he could be…

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Shofar So Good

I bought an alarm clock that is supposed to make waking up easier. At the appointed hour, the alarm gives out a dimly glowing light that grows steadily brighter. You can choose from a variety of sounds to accompany the light—waterfalls, birds chirping or ocean waves. They, too, begin faintly and grow steadily louder. Aroma…

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The BYG* Pic

*Behold Your God is our plan to reach every city outside of Israel where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people. (We also have an outreach in Israel.) This month we have a Behold Your God campaign in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The people of Buenos Aires are known as porteños (people of the port), reflecting…

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Moishe’s Musings
Topics: yom kippur
Author: Moishe Rosen

Holiday seasons are often times of nostalgia, and I find myself looking back and reminiscing over them. The Jewish holidays meant a lot of things to me as a child. For one thing, twice a year we got new clothes. In the spring we got new clothes for Passover; in the fall we would get…

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What Difference Does it Make?

For over three years I’d been talking to a Russian Jewish man about Jesus. Arkady had been curious about the gospel ever since he read an evangelistic ad that Jews for Jesus published in a Russian language newspaper. We read through the Gospel of John twice, and had many discussions. Last fall, Arkady told me…

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A Sign

From Toronto, Marcello Araujo reports, ‘If only God would give me a sign, I would believe in Him.’ That’s what Ramela said when I asked if she believed God was real. I asked Ramela if she had already asked God for a particular sign. Her answer: ‘My two sons are losing their hearing, and when…

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How Many Temples?

One of our readers posed this question: I have had a slight confusion for some time which was brought to the front burner when I read in the July 15 issue of JFJ Realtime* about Tisha b’Av. I have always” thought there were three temples, although reference is made in your article to two. I…

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