October 2003 Newsletter (5764:2)

A Very Exclusive Day
October 1, 2003

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the reporter of an alternative Jewish magazine called Heeb. (sic) The magazine claims to be offbeat, irreverent and untraditional, yet the interview turned out to be as traditional as they come. For example, the reporter asked,...

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The BYG Pic

Paris The Paris Behold Your God campaign is going on now! A striking aspect of the Jewish community in Paris is that it is 70% Sephardic as opposed to Ashkenazic. Ashkenazi Jews are mainly from Eastern Europe whereas Sephardim are mainly from Spanish speaking or...

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Juifs pour JTsus

The earliest documentation of a Jewish presence in France concerns a man who was banished in the year 6 C.E. From the beginning, French Jewry has waxed and waned in a cycle of being welcomed, expelled and welcomed once again. At one point during the Middle Ages the...

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A Glossary of Terms for the Jewish High Holidays

Al Chet The recitation of sin in the Yom Kippur service. Confession is made in the plural (we have…”) enumerating every conceivable sin that may have been committed within the worldwide Jewish community. Baal T’Kiah One who is expert at sounding the shofar...

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The Great Disconnect—A Message from Moishe
Author: Moishe Rosen

C.S. Lewis called it the Great Divorce.” It is what happened between God and man. If I could draw it in a cartoon it would depict God looking one way, man the other, slightly turned away from each other, but looking as though they ought to be together. Satan...

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