Many of you know Stan Telchin from his books, Betrayed and Abandoned. (Betrayed—the fascinating account of Stan’s determination to disprove his daughter’s faith—has been translated into 22 languages. It is one of the best story books available to help Jewish people come to faith in Jesus.) Stan has been a longtime friend of our ministry, and now that friendship is blossoming into an official partnership.

It was 1974. I was in San Francisco for a business convention. After the first day’s meetings, some of the men urged me to join them for an evening out in San Francisco’s North Beach district. My friends assured me that this was “where the action is.” Sensing that I didn’t need or want the kind of action they had in mind, I nevertheless decided to be sociable and come along as an observer.

One of the guys stepped out of the taxi and into the neon lit streets, flashing his invitations to a dozen or more “adult” theaters. As I got out of the cab, a young man wearing a Jews for Jesus T-shirt approached me. He smiled and offered me a pamphlet. I knew nothing about Jews for Jesus or what this young man was selling, but I knew I was Jewish and wanted him “out of my face.”

Who would ever have thought that a little more than a year later I would accept Jesus as Messiah and Lord of my life—and eagerly look forward to meeting more “Jews for Jesus”?

In the nearly three decades since that first encounter, I have come to know many of the Jews for Jesus staff personally, and have ministered with many of them. I count Moishe Rosen, their founder and former executive director, as a great friend. Whenever I’ve needed guidance or advice, I’ve been able to call upon him. It’s no wonder that I have developed an especially warm spot in my heart for Jews for Jesus.

You may know that Jews for Jesus is now involved in Operation Behold Your God, a five-year series of outreaches in every city around the world that has a Jewish population of 25,000 or more. The potential for sharing the gospel in this campaign is awesome! Many, many Jewish people—and even more Gentiles—will be brought into the Kingdom of God. And I want to help!

For the past several months I have been talking and praying with the leadership of Jews for Jesus about how we might work together. After much discussion and prayer, we have agreed to a joint venture. They will help with my administrative needs and will make arrangements for me to speak in churches. This will free me to do more radio and TV engagements—and get started on my new book. And I will be able to use my speaking opportunities to help spread the word about Operation Behold Your God. I am convinced that if more Christians only knew what Jews for Jesus is doing and hopes to do in the future, they would want to have a part in it, too. I think I can help make that possible.

Please pray that the Lord will bless this partnership for His glory!


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