Because of the lead time” needed to print the newsletter, we can’t tell you some of the Behold Your God details as soon as they are reported. We’ll try to catch you up on some of the highlights, as well as follow-up reports, with BYG Bits.

BYG Milwaukee

The two-week campaign concluded with 124,625 broadsides (gospel tracts) distributed, 27 unbelieving Jewish people agreeing to receive more information, 59 unbelieving Gentiles also giving their names and addresses for more information, plus 3 Jews and 10 Gentiles praying to receive Yeshua.

Steve Kaplan reports, “While standing on a corner broadsiding, I noticed a woman watching me. She seemed kind of shy so I walked over and gave her a broadside. She spent the next few minutes reading it. It turns out that Marion has long been attracted to Jesus even though she is Jewish. Her belief was growing as she’d begun attending a messianic fellowship. I asked if she had ever prayed to receive Jesus as her personal Savior and she hadn’t, so we prayed!”

Gary Leese reports, “As there are not that many places to hand out tracts in Milwaukee, we looked for other ways to find people who might wish to discuss the gospel. We telephoned people who have been receiving our ISSUES publication and sometimes we telephoned people straight from the phone book. When I came across the name of Michael Rosenthal in the telephone directory I decided to give him a call. I spoke to his wife, Dora, who told me that Michael had passed away about three years earlier. After expressing my condolences, I explained that I was calling to offer our free video Survivor Stories about Jewish Holocaust survivors who now believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah. Dora startled me with her reply—she was a Jewish Holocaust survivor from Poland! She said that she would be willing to watch the video, and then would be open to a phone call to discuss it. Please pray for Dora’s salvation.”

BYG Moscow

Igor Barbanel reports, “Our sortie (tract passing expedition) at the Oktyabrskoe underground station was going well. I was getting many Jewish contacts, and even met a person whom I had already visited. Then I prayed that the Lord would send a Jewish person who was ready to receive Yeshua. Sixty-year-old Margarita turned out to be the answer to that prayer! Pray for her spiritual growth, and for the salvation of her Jewish husband, Alexander.”

Lyuba Kondrashina reports, “It was a busy sortie at the Planernaya station with many people rushing from the train. Suddenly I sensed someone in dark clothes following me. I turned to see two men. I gave them broadsides, and they asked about Jews for Jesus. I told them the gospel, and suggested they repent. One left, but another, named Sergey, remained.

“Sergey asked me three times, ‘What, repent right now, in this place?’ I said, ‘Yes, right here.’ He finally agreed and repeated the prayer! I congratulated him that he had just become a child of God and my brother in Christ. He smiled and said, ‘May I confess something if you are my sister?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ Sergey then admitted that he and his friend were thieves. When I suggested that his friend repent, Sergey said, ‘He doesn’t want to because he has to feed his family.’ I told him, ‘”Go, and sin no more,” said Jesus.’ Please pray for 28-year-old Sergey, that God will truly change his life.”

BYG St. Petersburg

Alla Gherasimchuk reports, “I’m very grateful to God for the opportunity to take part in Operation Behold Your God in St. Petersburg. I had never served God in such a way and I thank our Lord for using me for the salvation of my people.

“As I was handing out broadsides I engaged a Jewish woman named Marina. At first she was in a hurry, but as I told her the gospel, she began telling me about her life and problems. I told her nothing is unsolvable for God. After some time the woman was born again. With tears in her eyes she said, ‘Miss, it was God who sent you to me during this most difficult time.’ Please pray that God will strengthen Marina in faith and that He will heal her daughter who is quite ill due to a complicated pregnancy.”


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