October 2000 Newsletter (5761:2)

Behold Your God
October 1, 2000

This month’s newsletter is different from anything we have ever sent to you—because we have an announcement like none other we’ve ever made. It concerns a dream, a vision of what can be. We believe this vision is from God. And if God gives a vision, He...

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“Behold Your God” Cities with their Respective Jewish Populations
Topics: charts

North America | Oceania | Africa | F.S.U. | Latin America | Middle East | Europe NORTH AMERICA New York 1.9 million* Los Angeles 585,000 Miami 535,000 Philadelphia 315,000 Chicago 250,000 Boston 228,000* San Francisco 210,000* Washington, D.C. 165,000 Baltimore...

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A Day for Atonement?
Author: Moishe Rosen

There is a Yiddish saying: If a man knew the day and time of his death, he could live as he wanted and then repent before the Malach HaMovis (Angel of Death) came to take him.” As people face their mortality, many do think about repentance —taking more time for...

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Israel Update

The bad news is#8212;Israel is in turmoil. The good news is—that turmoil is opening more and more hearts to the gospel. That is especially true among the young people. We have five missionaries working in Israel at present. Our goal is to increase that number...

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This Just In from Summer 2000 Campaigns!

NEW YORK Amer Olson reports, I had just handed a Jewish woman named Carol the ‘Be More Jewish’ tract. Immediately she said, ‘How did you know I have been thinking about that very thing lately?’ And right there, in the middle of a busy New York...

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You Can Help Reach Jewish People Around The World!

Many Jewish people are open to the truth about Jesus, their Messiah. But they have never heard in a way that speaks to them as Jews. That is why we conduct campaigns like the ones you just read about. But we can do more. Behold Your God” is a new effort to...

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