Have you ever thought about using your musical gifts to make the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide? We are looking for team members for our next Liberated Wailing Wall—and if you are looking for a musical way to serve God maybe we are looking for each other!

Join Jews for Jesus and see the world” certainly applies to these folks who spend 15 months touring on a 40-foot Prevost bus (plus three months training in San Francisco before their tour). They sing and play Jewish gospel music wherever they go and have wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth as they serve the Lord together. If you are Jewish, youngish, love Jesus a whole lot, and can sing and/or play an instrument (especially the piano!), well, maybe this is your opportunity to serve God in a most unusual way.

You don’t have to be Jewish if: you have a Jewish spouse who also qualifies to be on the team or you qualify for the bus driver position.

For more information contact Stephen Katz at (415) 864-2600, ext. 125. or Email.