From the former Soviet Union, outreach worker Edward Granovsky reports, I stayed an extra week in the city of Zaporozhye, visiting Jewish people whom we met there during our mini-Campaign [Operation Decapolis, in which our outreach workers and volunteers did evangelism in ten post-Soviet cities where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people]. One such visit was with Israel M. As we were talking, I noticed a hollow place in his right arm. He intercepted my gaze and quietly explained, ‘The war, you know. There were five of us boys in the family, and do you know how our mother prayed for us? She would say, “Gottenu, (God) scare me, but do not punish me.” And all five of us came home alive!’ His story was a good starting point to tell about the One who keeps us, about His great love for humanity, about His own Son’s dying on the cross for our sakes. I told Israel that God does not want to scare us, but to instruct, help, preserve and give us life. ‘Dear me, that’s just what I thought myself!’ the old man exclaimed. He knew that God had spared his life during the war, and as we talked, God worked in Israel’s heart towards salvation. He prayed to the One who also spared him from the penalty of sin and now looks forward to eternal life.”

Outreach worker Maksim Amossov reports, “I was broadsiding in Mariupol [also part of Operation Decapolis] when an elderly lady took a broadside. I went on handing out my literature but from the corner of my eye I noticed her standing close by. She was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she explained that her purse was gone. It had contained one and a half rubles (about 50 cents) and a key to her apartment. When I asked her about Jesus, she replied she had long wanted to come to God and repent. We prayed together, and I wrote down her name, Olga, and her address. I was going to identify her as a new Gentile believer, but decided to inquire about her background just to be sure. ‘Why, I am Jewish!’ came the reply. ‘That’s why I came to you!’ Olga lost her purse but she found eternal life in the Messiah!”

Branch leader Stephen reports from Paris, “Many of the broadsides (gospel tracts) we hand out include a reply coupon. We received such a coupon from Ariel H. and I phoned him. He thanked me for the letter and the literature we’d already sent, which he had read assiduously. Turns out he’d had two encounters with us on the street before he sent in the coupon. When he first received a broadside, he toyed with the idea of replying. But it wasn’t until the second encounter with a German volunteer named Margrit, that he decided to send in the coupon. Margrit didn’t know the impact she had made. Ariel is now keen to meet with me and has already asked God to show him the truth about Yeshua.”

From London, branch leader Jonathan Bernd reports, “A Jewish woman named Lydia came into the shop with her Christian friend. As I began witnessing to her, Lydia told me, ‘Look, I believe Jesus is the Son of God and I just want to get born again.’ It’s not often we hear someone practically come out and ask us, ‘what must I do to be saved?’ but praise the Lord, every once in a while it happens! I led Lydia in a prayer of repentance, after which she said she felt remarkably different. She now wants to do daily Bible study. Please pray for Lydia’s husband and daughters who are Israeli citizens and fairly hostile to her new faith.”

And in the good old U.S.A. another Lydia gets saved! Missionary Holly Meyer reports from Los Angeles, “I have been meeting with Lydia for about 10 months, working through the Gospel of John. When we got to John 14:10 where Jesus says: ‘Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in Me?’ Lydia announced, ‘I used to have a problem believing that Jesus was the Messiah, now I believe He is; I used to have a problem with Jesus being God, now I believe.’ The only thing keeping her from asking Jesus into her life was the fear that she would disappoint God. Well after discussing God’s forgiveness and how His Holy Spirit has the power (and the patience) to help us grow in grace and in faithfulness, Lydia asked Jesus to forgive her sin and come into her life.”