Campaign Praise Report

Thanks for using those Campaign prayer calendars—God certainly answered your prayers for our New York, Paris and Moscow Campaigns. Campaigners hand delivered 2,519,580 gospel tracts. 8996 unbelievers gave us their names, addresses and phone numbers to receive more information about Jesus—3230 of those individuals were Jewish. 895 people repented and prayed to begin a new life in Jesus. Of those souls saved, 179 were Jewish.

New York

God was obviously at work even before Campaign began. One Campaigner, Bruce Landy, was having difficulty getting from Florida to Chicago for training. With a buddy pass” (United Airlines employees can give them to friends to use on a stand-by basis), Bruce had already ‘stood by’ twice at two different airports to no avail. Determined to get Bruce to Chicago, Fort Lauderdale missionary David Rothstein got up at 3:00 in the morning to drive him to Miami International for a 6:30 a.m. flight. David was not permitted to wait with Bruce at the gate, so he stayed downstairs in the terminal. David says, “As I waited, I developed a nagging concern that Bruce would not know what to do when he arrived in Chicago. After explaining the situation to several airline personnel, they allowed me to go to Bruce’s gate. When I arrived, he was standing at the counter with a look of utter frustration on his face. The agent told me that Bruce would not be able to fly because he was wearing a T-shirt—’buddy pass’ passengers are required to dress like airline employees. They were not picky; all he needed was a button down shirt. I had arrived just in time to give Bruce the shirt off my back (I was wearing an undershirt!), and he made it safely to Chicago.”

Outreach worker Victoria Lannon was part of our Russian team. She was handing out tracts at Manhattan Beach on a Saturday afternoon and stopped to talk to a Russian Jew named Marina. As Victoria described the forgiveness of sin we can have through Jesus’ cleansing, Marina began to cry. She knew she needed forgiveness and prayed with Victoria to receive that forgiveness in Jesus right then!

Approved student* Nate Moskowitz had one of the most amazing Campaign experiences: Halfway through a sortie at Union Square, he began witnessing to two women and suddenly realized he had an audience of fifteen! They were all part of a group involved in a drug rehab program. When the first two said they believed the gospel and wanted to be saved, many of the other women started making similar comments. Nate says, “Next thing I knew, we were standing in a circle, holding hands, praying the sinner’s prayer loud enough for the whole station to hear!” All together, eleven of the fifteen women gave their hearts to Jesus and gave their names, addresses and phone numbers for follow up. (*Our approved student program enables ministry-minded Jewish believers like Nate to receive a Bible education as well as opportunities to work alongside our missionaries.)

Joe Bell enjoyed evangelism in Greenwich Village. He says, “It began as a quiet sortie on a Soho street corner. I ended up leading four people to the Lord and giving a tract to Woody Allen! No, he wasn’t one of the four to get saved, but we can keep praying!”


It is forbidden to distribute tracts on the Champs Elysees any day of the year—let alone on Bastille Day. However, Paris Campaigners decided to go anyway, praying that the Lord would grant them favor with the authorities. One Campaigner approached a policeman and told him that our group wanted to distribute a tract titled “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity?” She explained that the tract tells how the ideals of the French State are only possible in Christ. The police not only gave permission to distribute the tracts but told the Campaigner to come to see them should she encounter any problems. In fact, we were able to distribute tracts there throughout the entire Campaign with virtually no trouble. We met Jews from all over the world there, particularly Israelis. One Canadian Jew, Adam, found his Messiah as we sortied at Champs Elysees—our Canadian team will follow up.

One morning one of our volunteers spoke briefly with a Jewish man named Robert. The conversation lasted three minutes at most, but in the course of it, she urged Robert to come to our Saturday evening of music and story. Robert accepted the invitation, and at the end of the evening he prayed with a Campaigner, Eythan, to receive the Lord.

Stephen Pacht was feeling tired during a particularly uneventful sortie. He asked the Lord to lead a Jewish person to him—someone who would be open to the gospel. He tells how God answered that prayer with “interest”: “As I was collecting my teammates at the end of the sortie, a young couple sitting outdoors at a cafe called out to me. Thierry, a ‘Jewish humanist,’ had been in New York the previous week, and had struck up a conversation with a Jew for Jesus (from our NYC Campaign!). Seeing another Jewish Christian in his home country piqued his curiousity further. Both he and his sister, Nathalie, expressed a desire to meet and talk further, though they assured me I would not be able to convert them! I explained that such matters are up to God Himself—and I look forward to meeting with Thierry and Nathalie.”


Volunteer Ilona Bachinskaya had just finished praying that the Lord would send her people whom she could lead in a prayer of repentance when a man named Nickolay practically bumped into her. Ilona says, “I often let such people pass without a word, but this time I asked him what he thought of Jesus. It turned out that he had already talked with some of our outreach workers; moreover, he believed in the gospel and wanted to come to the Lord. What a wonderful answer to my prayer. Nickolay’s face shone after we prayed together.”

God has His ways of lifting Campaigners’ spirits when they get weary. Volunteer Sergey Matveenko was discouraged that so few people were at the Metro stop where he was broadsiding. Even when the team moved to a new spot, he was feeling low. “Why on earth are we going there?” he wondered. “It’s no use.” Suddenly a young man stepped off the escalator, took one of Sergey’s broadsides, smiled and said, “A year ago I took such a tract and became a believer. Now I serve the Lord.” Sergey says, “At that moment I understood that I was right where God wanted me to be.”

Outreach worker Leonid Kruter was broadsiding at the Komsomolskaya Metro stop when he stopped a Jewish passerby to ask what he thought about Jesus. The man replied that he loved Jesus and prayed to Him. Leonid asked if he had ever prayed to repent of his sin, and he replied that he did not know how. Leonid invited him to pray, but the man said he preferred to listen to the words and pray his own prayer at home. At that point, a woman who had been standing unseen behind Leonid stepped forward. It seems Emma had listened to the entire conversation, and she wanted to repent and ask Jesus into her heart. Emma repeated the prayer aloud whereas the first passerby merely listened. Then, as she gave Leonid her address for follow up, he discovered she was Jewish—and that she had been seeking Jesus for a long time!


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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