More fruit from the Cyberbranch: Meryl, a Jewish woman in her 30’s began reading the Gospel of John, spending time in Jews for Jesus chat rooms and attending church. New York branch leader Bob Mendelsohn talked with” (e-mailed) Meryl for two months. One night around midnight Bob was online and noticed that Meryl had signed on. He greeted her and she told him that their conversations had made a difference, that she had committed her life to Jesus and had been baptized at a local church!

Soon after receiving that good news, Bob sent an instant message to a “20-something” Jewish man from New Jersey who had been in our chatroom. Bob says, “Allan had heard the gospel from many, including our own (Chicago branch leader) Jhan Moskowitz, whom he had met at our Southeast Ingathering (a conference for Jewish believers and near believers). God got hold of Allan’s heart, and as we prayed together on line, he was born again at 1:22 a.m.”

Paris branch leader Stephen Pacht reports: “Volunteer Eythan and I had a great day visiting Jewish people together. The fourth house we visited was that of a couple who were both open to the Lord. Jean (the husband) is Jewish. He and his wife, Agnes, prayed to receive the Lord and agreed to attend an evangelical church around the corner from where they live! That same week I was encouraged when a woman from our church told me that her cousin had accepted the Lord after receiving a broadside from a Campaigner! Praise the Lord!”

From Odessa, outreach worker Galya reports, “Dina, Konrad and I went on a sortie together. Groups of English-speaking people kept gathering around Konrad, the only one of us who speaks English. The ever-curious Odessites would approach me and ask, ‘What are they saying?’ I told them that they were talking about Jesus and proceeded to explain the gospel. In this way, I got the names, addresses and phone numbers of three young Jewish people who are open to the gospel: Leonid, Leonid and Lyudmilla. Whatever language it’s in, God’s Word always bears fruit!”

Missionary Lev Leigh reports from South Africa: “Jenifer and I were sitting in a restaurant when someone I recognized walked in. I called out his name (Jamie) and he joined us. We shared life stories, and it seems he has been following a path similar to mine, including attending the same Yeshiva (Jewish school for higher education) that I had gone to here in Johannesburg. Like me, he said he didn’t find ‘spirituality’ there. I told him that I had become a believer in Jesus, and I asked for his phone number, which he gladly gave. Please pray that I can be a good witness to Jamie.”

From Kharkov (a city in Ukraine where we held a “mini-campaign”), outreach worker Larissa reports, “A man asked what I was handing out, so I gave him a tract and went on with my business. When he returned to ask more questions, I offered to send him more literature. While taking his name and address, I discovered that Nishan was Jewish and had been released from prison just a week earlier. I explained the gospel to him and he prayed to receive the Lord! After 22 years in prison, Nishan found God and is now truly free!”

Campaign follow up (we only have room for a few but there are many more stories like these!): Adam was the first Jewish contact from our New York Campaign this year—and the first Jewish person to make a decision for Christ. Mary Holmstrom (who is part of our Department of Mobile Evangelism at Headquarters) had prayed that God would use her to lead a Jewish person to Christ. She made contact with Adam during our steward training, before the Campaign even began! Adam’s mother is Muslim and his father is Jewish. A year and a half ago he converted from Islam to Orthodox Judaism, but that didn’t satisfy his spiritual hunger. After giving his name and address to Mary, Adam began meeting with Bob Mendelsohn, and it wasn’t long before he gave his heart to Jesus.

A middle-aged Jewish man named David was angry to see Jews for Jesus handing out tracts at Yankee Stadium. Nate Moskowitz was able to turn the conversation around, and David actually gave his name, address and phone number to receive further information. New York missionary Mitch Forman began meeting with him to study the Bible—by their second visit, David was ready to acknowledge Jesus as his Messiah and Lord!

From Moscow, Ira Rivkina reports, “I called one of our Campaign contacts, only to discover that she is sixteen years old. So, I arranged a visit with her mother, Svetlana, and she prayed with me to receive the Lord! Svetlana then introduced me to a friend of hers who is open to the gospel. Please pray for Svetlana, her daughter and her friend.”