I was a missionary-in-training when Farrell walked into our office in New York City. She was wondering if Jesus might actually be the Jewish Messiah.

Farrell had married a man whose parents were strong, committed believers in Jesus. Her husband, Mark, had made a commitment to Jesus as a child but didn’t consider himself a believer anymore.

When Farrell met her in-laws for the first time, she was impressed by their faith. She noticed the way they prayed before meals. She could tell that it was a real” prayer, that they were talking to a God they really believed in and loved. That was unlike anything she had experienced.

Mark’s parents sent Farrell a copy of our Testimonies book, which tells of fifteen Jewish people and how they came to believe in Jesus. For some time, however, that book was placed on a high bookshelf in their apartment, never read.

Over time, God began doing His work in Farrell’s heart. One day, while Farrell was considering what gift she might give to a nephew for his bar mitzvah, Mark jokingly suggested that she give him the Testimonies book. That was it; she knew it was God speaking to her about Jesus. The next day she came in to meet and talk with a Jew for Jesus. Two weeks later, Farrell gave her heart to Yeshua.

It took four more years for Mark to take that step of faith for himself. Today, eight years after Mark’s Christian parents first met their unsaved Jewish daughter-in-law, both she and Mark are following Jesus and raising their two sons to know Him as well.