Israeli Tourist Office Seeks Help From Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus in South Africa received an interesting fax from Israel’s Tourist Office in Johannesburg: Perhaps you can help this person with a Bible.” Following was the address of a Mr. Kwasi from Ghana. Apparently he had sent a letter to the Knesset asking for a Bible to see if Jesus was the Messiah!

Speaking of South Africa, please be praying for Eliyah Gould—a South African Jewish believer in Jesus who has been on our staff since 1992. He is taking over as chief of station in Johannesburg as Andrew and Laura Barron, who pioneered the branch, move to Toronto with their son Rafael. Andrew will be chief of station there, while Karol Joseph (currently in Toronto) will serve with our Los Angeles branch.

Mad Cows Inspire Message to Sinful Humans

In London the fracas over the so-called Mad Cow disease inspired a Jews for Jesus volunteer to write a new tract about “Mad Human disease.” The tract, written in our typical broadside style depicted a couple of cows conversing about the horrid affliction besetting all of humanity. The tract presents the problem of sin as well as the solution of God’s salvation in Jesus. Those who handed out the tracts had a sidekick—two of our friends dressed in a cow outfit. People enjoyed the cow and took the tracts, but apparently cows in the United Kingdom do not enjoy the same rights of free speech as people. Police eventually drove the bovine from the premises.

Praise God for Answered Prayer

Volunteer Jeffrey was on a sortie (tract passing expedition) in New York City when he met an Orthodox Jewish man. The man was quite friendly but ultimately told Jeffrey that his beliefs were chiefly the result of youth and ignorance. Their conversation was just ending when a woman approached and told the Orthodox man, “I am a Holocaust survivor, 1000 percent Jewish and I know that Jesus is the Messiah!” She proceeded to witness to the man who views “survivors” [Jews who lived through the Nazi regime] with great respect. He was amazed by the conviction and clarity of her faith. It was a divine appointment! Unfortunately, Jeffrey did not get the name of the Orthodox man, but can you guess the identity of the woman who witnessed to him? It was none other than Ruth—one of the new believers we asked you to pray for in the August newsletter, that she would grow in grace and faith. Praise God for answered prayer!

From Romance to Repentance

Missionary Daniel Schnaider was finishing a sortie at the Brooklyn Promenade. It was getting a little late and most of the people had left. In fact, the only people nearby were sitting on a bench, holding hands. Daniel was not sure whether he ought to approach, but finally he did. “I am sorry to interrupt, but I have something that I would like to ask you. Who do you think Jesus is?” They replied, “Of course we don’t mind talking to you about that. In fact, we were discussing a big problem, and we are glad that you stopped to talk about God.” The couple (not Jewish) didn’t describe their problem, but the woman seemed to be in some distress. She asked Daniel to pray for her, which he gladly did. And then she prayed, asking Jesus to forgive her sin and come into her life.

Hostility Hides True Feelings

Paris Chief of Station Stephen Pacht conducted a recent outreach in Marseilles. A Jewish man named Claude phoned in after receiving one of our gospel tracts. His message was quite hostile, “traitor…siding with the Inquisition”—yet he left a phone number where he could be reached. Stephen returned the call and heard more of the same. However, after a few minutes, Claude calmed down and informed Stephen that he had managed to survive the Holocaust because Christians had hidden him. He then admitted, “If I appear violent in my language, perhaps it is because I am not sure that you are mistaken in what you believe.” At the close of the conversation he wanted to meet to study the Bible. They were unable to coordinate a meeting before Stephen’s return to Paris, but Claude agreed to meet with a local pastor whom Stephen contacted.