As David Brickner mentioned in the cover article of this newsletter, any letter of criticism and complaint comes straight to the executive director of Jews for Jesus. This is one that came to Moishe Rosen shortly before David’s tenure began, but it deals with an ongoing issue that we’d like to air at this time. Perhaps you have experienced what this friend of our ministry described in the letter to the left. This dear person obviously sent that form letter to quite a few organizations. When we received a copy, Moishe Rosen was the person whom it concerned.” As acting executive director at that time, he wrote the following response, and in a sense, we thought a copy of it might serve as a “to whom it concerns” for those of you who have encountered similar frustrations.

To Whom It May Concern:

We are having a problem with phone calls coming into our home in the evening when we are having dinner and our special prayer time. I am not sure if your organization is one of the guilty ones, but here is my plan.

We are writing this note, and mailing with our check, this request. Please do not call our home asking for money because we have you on our list. We send you money periodically along with about 100 other organizations which we support when we have the money. Furthermore, we receive an abundance of mail from everyone telling us about their work, and they always include an envelope.

We are having to do this because we sat down to eat last night and during our meal, four calls came in begging for money. Three nights ago I was involved in my prayer time and at 9:30 p.m. I received a call asking for more money.

Thanking you in advance for listening to our request. If this does not do it, we will get an unlisted phone number.

(Name Withheld)

Thank you for your “to whom it may concern” letter. Let me assure you that it is our policy never to solicit money on the telephone or in person. That has always been our policy, and with good reason. We feel that such solicitations are unfair because they confront people who have already shown how much they care with an imposing presence. We do not consider it an appropriate means of notifying people about financial needs.

Neither Jews for Jesus nor any other ministry or minister has the right to disrupt your life. Such behavior on the part of a few cause God’s best and most generous people to resent all ministries. I used to receive frequent calls from ministries I support. Finally I informed the callers that my personal policy is not to contribute to any phone solicitations. I don’t receive such calls anymore.

Furthermore, I advise people not to give any more than one donation to alleviate distress—that is, to a ministry claiming that without your donation, it will go under. A second appeal of that nature is usually either a misrepresentation or overstatement of the need. It might also be a signal of financial mismanagement.

I do not promise that Jews for Jesus will never ask you for money. If you’ve been with us for long, you know that we do send an occasional letter inviting our friends to help out at a special time. We frequently remind you that you have the option of receiving our regular newsletter without those occasional appeals. We hope that our way of communication appraises you of opportunities to help without pressuring you to do so.

We do not use an outside firm to advise us on how to receive more money from people like you simply because they could never love and appreciate you the way we do. God needs you more than He needs your money and so do we.


Moishe Rosen


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