October 1996 Newsletter (5757:2)

Critics and Confrontation
October 1, 1996

The phone rang in our New York office—we knew it was a response to one of our gospel ads because the call came in on our hot line.” Sure enough, it was a Jewish man requesting more information about Jesus after seeing one of our ads.* The amazing thing was the...

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Praise the Lord… for Boynton Beach

Last month we asked you to pray for Guillermo Katz as he steps into the role of chief of station of our Florida work. We wanted you to share our nachas (something between pride and joy) over how God is answering those prayers. When I began the work of Jews for Jesus...

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A Delayed Reaction?
Author: Lynn McCoy

I was pleasantly surprised when Rachel* phoned to ask that I study the Bible with her. I hadn’t seen much fruit in the three years since she professed faith in Jesus. Rachel always seemed to have one foot in the world and one foot in the faith. She had not...

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Christian Parents See Jewish In-Law Come to Faith
Author: Karol Joseph

I was a missionary-in-training when Farrell walked into our office in New York City. She was wondering if Jesus might actually be the Jewish Messiah. Farrell had married a man whose parents were strong, committed believers in Jesus. Her husband, Mark, had made a...

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That’s No Donut: It’s a Bagel!

We’ve enclosed one of our broadsides (gospel tracts) with the theme mentioned in David Brickner’s article. (This is one of several different titles campaigners handed out in New York—total number of tracts individually distributed? 1,108, 715!) Since David...

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A Real Concern

As David Brickner mentioned in the cover article of this newsletter, any letter of criticism and complaint comes straight to the executive director of Jews for Jesus. This is one that came to Moishe Rosen shortly before David’s tenure began, but it deals with an...

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Bits From the Branches

Israeli Tourist Office Seeks Help From Jews for Jesus Jews for Jesus in South Africa received an interesting fax from Israel’s Tourist Office in Johannesburg: Perhaps you can help this person with a Bible.” Following was the address of a Mr. Kwasi from...

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