It’s not my fault,” says red-faced editor—”well, not entirely.…” Actually several of us have egg on our faces. Here’s what happened with our Jewish population statistics for New York on page 5, Volume 11:5752 of the Jews for Jesus Newsletter:

In transcribing dictation from the originator of the article (also owner of the reference book), the editor typed an error. The originator checked the edited copy and pronounced it OK. The editor then decided to polish and improve the language where two numbers seemed to go from low to high (that was the error). She substituted “mushroomed” for “went.”

Then the editor went on a business/vacation trip overseas and left the final art, approval and print stages in other, usually quite competent, hands. No one, including our proofreaders, caught the problem at the final checkpoints. The piece got typeset and printed. Days later the editor returned to find that, horror of horrors, the glaring error was in glaring print, and now everyone involved realized it.

By then we were all embarrassed. We hoped that not too many of our readers would notice, and that those who did would just mentally transpose zeroes and commas to arrive at the correct number. Then the whole thing would just blow over. After all, how many people read statistics that thoroughly? Evidently many of our dedicated readers do! We have received letter after letter pointing out this statistical error. In response, we have several things to say:

1. We’re glad that our Newsletter readers are so interested in Judaica and Jewish evangelism that they read and ponder every word we print!

2. Your editor is better with words than with numbers. We’re sorry for the confusing error. Please forgive us!

3. In the section at the top righthand portion of page 5 we intended to report that the Jewish population around the greater New York metropolitan area had diminished from 3,000,000 to approximately 2,025,000. Nevertheless, since this articled was written we have an update: The newest American Jewish Year Book (1992) indicates that the Jewish population in the greater New York has further diminished to 1,802,000.

4. We hope that our readers will continue to regard other statements and information in this Newsletter as reliable.