While our campaigners were busy on the streets of New York this summer, the Jews for Jesus staff in San Francisco was out preaching the gospel, too. People who are usually found behind a desk, in front of a computer, or running a business machine or printing press at our administrative headquarters had an opportunity to do some firsthand evangelism, Jews for Jesus-style. They joined our San Francisco branch missionaries, the Liberated Wailing Wall-in-training and friends and volunteers from a local messianic congregation to distribute literature at tourist locations around town.

One of the day’s highlights was the ride in a motorized cable car. The cable car was decked out with balloons, signs and posters. Other attention-getters included Ora Jenkins from our communications department made up as Miss Liberty and Gloria Jew from our accounting department dressed as a beauty queen. (Jew is a common Chinese surname in San Francisco, and Gloria’s sash proclaiming her Miss Jew for Jesus caused a few heads to turn as people first noticed her very Asian features and then pondered the message her sash conveyed.)

A good time was had by all as they spent the day together proclaiming liberty in Yeshua.