While I was handing out broadside tracts in downtown Toronto, my watch battery died. Afterwards I looked for a jewelry store where I might get a replacement. Tract bag and all, I stopped at the first store I came to and gave my watch to a salesperson. He took it apart, installed the battery and reassembled it. That should have been that, but the watch did not function properly. After about 15 minutes of trying to make it work, the salesman said that he would have to give it to the watch repairman. Could I come back on Friday? At the same time, he asked for one of the tracts he had noticed that were left in my tract bag.

On Friday I returned to the shop, but the watch wasn’t ready. When I asked when it would be ready, the salesman said he wasn’t sure. Then he asked me why I didn’t get angry because the watch was not ready as promised. I told him that I felt there were more important things in life than getting angry over a watch. That led him to ask about my faith, because each time I was in the shop he had seen me wearing my Jews for Jesus jacket. I learned that the salesman’s name was Frank, and that he was a sabra (one born in Israel).

Frank wondered how one could be a Jew and a Christian at the same time. To him they seemed mutually exclusive categories. He had read some of the New Testament and had warm feelings towards Jesus as a man, but certainly not as the Messiah or God. Frank added that he respected the strength of my faith, for he himself really did not have much of a personal faith. He took another piece of literature and thanked me for the talk, even though he was satisfied with what he had.

A week later I returned to Frank’s shop. This time I brought a copy of the book Yeshua, which deals specifically with Old Testament prophecy about the coming of the Messiah. Frank took the book gladly and apologized again that the watch was not ready yet. He said that he would be glad to read more information about what Jews for Jesus believe.

It took five visits to the shop before my watch was finally repaired. Every time I came in Frank would comment to one of his co-workers (who just happened” to be a Christian), “There’s that guy whom nothing seems to bother!” It was worth waiting for the timepiece to be repaired because it afforded me yet another opportunity to speak of the Eternal One and the day of judgment at the end of time!


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