October 1986 Newsletter (5747:1)

Messiah in the Jewish Liturgy
October 1, 1986

It is important for our Jewish friends and relatives to realize that concern with the coming of the Messiah is not a Jewish-Christian fixation” of some kind. On the contrary, the coming of the Messiah used to be—and still ought to be—the central theme of our Jewish faith and expectation. Thus, the Jewish sage Maimonides…

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Answering The Right Questions
Author: Larry Brandt

One evening I was talking on the telephone to an elderly Jewish man named Sam. One of our missionaries had met Sam in Los Angeles, and he had asked that someone call and explain what Jews for Jesus teaches. I found Sam to be very philosophical, with some sophisticated theories of his own about God….

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And the Walls Came A-Tumblin’ Down
Author: Avi Snyder

Almost everyone knows the story of the battle of Jericho. And with just a bit of spiritual liberty, we could say that there is much about the conquering of Jericho that relates to our lives as believers in Yeshua. For example, we could say that those walls are like the walls in our lives that…

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Holy Boldness: Toward Bolder Witnessing
Author: Moishe Rosen

Nobody asked, but if they did, my answer would be a bolder, more forthright witness.” That is the answer, the solution to the problem, the necessary commitment. And the question? It isn’t one question, but many, such as: How can we win the world for Christ? How can we make an impact on the lives…

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: Do you often have opportunities to witness to Orthodox Jewish people? Are they more difficult to reach? Are they more apt to give the gospel a hearing because they believe the Old Testament Scriptures? ANSWER: It is not always those of Orthodox Jewish backgrounds who are the most open to the message of Yeshua….

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Time Out
Author: Steve Cohen

While I was handing out broadside tracts in downtown Toronto, my watch battery died. Afterwards I looked for a jewelry store where I might get a replacement. Tract bag and all, I stopped at the first store I came to and gave my watch to a salesperson. He took it apart, installed the battery and…

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Huckleberry Finn Probably Would Not Have Had This Conversation…
Topics: our stories
Author: Steve Cohen

For a long time, we have been looking for a much-needed larger office from which to conduct our ministry in Toronto. The Lord answered many prayers in providing one. It didn’t need much work to make it usable, but it did need a fresh coat of paint. As soon as we had the signed lease,…

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I Found Eternal Life

I was raised in a Conservative/Reform Jewish family. We tried to observe the traditions and customs of our elders, but there was no real spirituality. I believed that God existed but that he was not very important to modern living. On the high holidays I went to synagogue with my parents and sisters, not out…

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A Family Witness

As a missionary with Jews for Jesus, I have become quite experienced in discussing serious issues with people I barely know. Many opportunities arise here in the San Francisco branch for me to talk to unbelieving strangers about Yeshua. They may be those with whom I have just a brief encounter while I’m handing out…

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