This past summer, several Jews for Jesus evangelists − Tuvya Zaretsky, Baruch Goldstein, and the Liberated Wailing Wall − ministered in Canada . All returned with encouraging reports of the witnessing encounters they had in Toronto and Winnipeg . They met with open curiosity as they showed themselves to be Jews for Jesus. The literature they passed out made the passersby even more curious. There wasn’t enough room in this newsletter to print all of the uplifting reports we received, but here are the names of some of the Canadian Jews we’re praying for − and hope you will, too!

Baruch Goldstein met DOV on a busy street corner in Winnipeg . Dov attended Baruch’s church presentation later on that evening, and afterwards the two sat down for coffee and conversation about the Messiahship of Jesus. Dov had objections to the Gospel, yet was open to having some seeds of faith planted in his life.

Then there was MR. ROSENBLUM, with whom Isaac Stoll chatted in a sunny park in Toronto .

Mr. Rosenblum is an Orthodox Jew who was very nice to Isaac, until he found out Isaac believed in Jesus! Their conversation took an encouraging turn when Mr. Rosenblum realized it wasn’t fair to judge Isaac for what he believed, and even said he would investigate the Messianic prophecies that Isaac shared with him.

Steve Silverstein encountered EUGENE in downtown Toronto . God brought along a dear little Christian woman to "help" Steve as he witnessed to Eugene . Steve says the scenario went something like this: Steve raised a point about the Messiahship of Jesus, Eugene raised his objection to why it couldn’t be true, and the dear little Christian woman raised a scriptural evidence for why Steve was right and Eugene was wrong. Steve will be corresponding with Eugene , and we’re certain that God used this incident to prompt Eugene to search for Him. (P.S. We’re still looking for the dear little lady to thank her.)

DAVID accused Zhava Glaser of not knowing her "Jewish roots," because if she did, she "would not be participating in this flagrant proselytizing!" Zhava witnessed to David, who in turn brought his friend ELI to hear the Liberated Wailing Wall’s outdoor concert in Toronto . Eli was actually more interested in spiritual things than was David. He seemed truly intrigued by the possibility that Jesus is the Messiah. Zhava challenged him to read the New Testament, and Eli left saying he would. He had never thought of it as being a Jewish book before he met Zhava.

Through outdoor concerts, church presentations, and distributing Gospel broadsides on busy Canadian street corners, the Jews for Jesus were able to meet many Jewish people who were hungry for the Gospel. We’re seeking God’s direction and timing for when He would have us return to those Canadian cities. We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of us in areas where we have not gone before to preach the Gospel.


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