I was encouraged by David Liebman’s “bit” from the Washington, DC branch this month. He talks about how the branch has “been participating in Jewish community centers, Hebrew language courses, Jewish learning classes and more.”

I think it’s important in a ministry like ours, that we see different layers of witness. That includes going out in public to be available to interact with strangers, as well as intentionally investing time and effort in places where we’ll meet and get to know people who might be willing to hear about Jesus.

How does this apply to you if you are not a missionary, but you do want to share your faith? If you can make the time, why not look into a “Meet Up” like David talks about, or a regular book club, or any activity where discussion of spiritual matters will naturally come up. Pray about the group God would have you choose and see what happens.

Now some might not be too sure about this, because after all, how would people feel about welcoming you into their midst if they knew you were hoping to tell them about Jesus? That’s why it’s important to choose a group or an activity that you really are interested in or drawn to. It just won’t do if your ONLY reason for being there is to tell people about Jesus.

Having said that, if your basic “reason for being,” period, is to tell people about the Lord, then you need never feel like it’s awkward or ingenuous to bring that reason with you wherever you go. It’s simply part of who you are. It doesn’t mean you don’t have other interests or can’t appreciate people apart from the possibility of sharing your faith with them. It just means that you can’t or won’t keep quiet about what matters to you.

Here’s the thing. The sooner you let the others in the group know what’s important to you, the less likely anyone is to feel like you had a hidden agenda. That doesn’t mean that “I believe in Jesus” has to be the first thing out of your mouth. But pray and see if God doesn’t give you an opportunity early on to be up front about who you are, like He did with David Liebman, and others in our DC branch.

And by the way, since we published this story, there’s been more about that particular “Meet Up” group… but you’ll have to wait till the December “Bits from the Branches” to find out what happened!

Ruth Rosen,