Are you overlooking the chance to see a Jewish relative or friend come to faith in Jesus?

In this month’s “Bits from the Branches,” you can read about how Staci came to faith. We were able to put Staci in touch with one of our missionaries because another missionary learned about her from her father, Marv. Marv received the Lord after his wife contacted us asking someone to be in touch with her Jewish husband.

We did not have a branch in Marv’s city … but that did not stop his wife from asking if we could be in touch with him. Marv’s wife is the unseen hero in the story. She not only cared, but she also had the courage to ask us to contact her husband.

Many people who come to faith are referred to us by their believing family members. Do you or someone you know have a Jewish family member you’d like us to contact?

God is THE main hero in every story of faith. But to us and her family, Marv’s wife is a hero, too. So what? So maybe God is nudging you to step out and do what Marv’s wife did. Is there someone you want to ask us to contact? We can’t make any guarantees of what will happen, but we will do our best to minister to your Jewish friend or relative. And we can tell you that Marv’s story is one of many that give all concerned cause for rejoicing. So if you have a Jewish friend or relative to refer to us, please send an email to and write “Jewish referral” in the subject line. Then tell us what you can about the person you want us to contact.