The following is excerpted from an article that Moishe Rosen wrote for our November 1994 newsletter.  Nearly 20 years later, these words ring just as true, and so does our appreciation for each one of you who has or who will stand with us with your prayers and your support.

By the time this issue of the newsletter reaches you, this year will be nearing its end. It has been an amazing year for our ministry – a time of paradox, filled with victories and pain. We could have been crushed by the disappointments, but by God’s grace we were not. We could have been undermined by resting in our victories or even succumbing to the self-infatuation that such triumphs can produce. Again, by God’s grace, those things did not happen because we were reminded that the triumphs and trophies were God’s, not ours.

Anyone who has undergone substantial trials, yet at the same time has been greatly blessed, encouraged and affirmed, will understand what I am feeling. I know that God is with us, not only because of the encouraging victories, but because of the manifold ways He has shown me that many of His people are with us.

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, I am very thankful to God and very appreciative of you – our friends and supporters. He has used so many of you to make this unlikely ministry possible. Jews for Jesus was, at its inception, and continues to be, an unlikely phenomenon.

It is difficult for us Jews to consider Christ because as children we are indoctrinated to believe that it is impossible for an honest Jew to become a follower of Jesus. But we Jews for Jesus are living proof that Jews can and do come to Christ. Yet large-scale Jewish evangelism seemed all but an impossible endeavor. We had a vision for it, but we knew we could not do it alone. We wanted to see it happen, but we didn’t know how much we could count on God’s people to help. Many sincere Christians have been frightened away from Jewish evangelism because they truly thought that trying to win Jews to Christ was an exercise in futility.

We thought it improbable that there would ever be many like you who could understand that with hard work, faithfulness and prayer, Jews might listen and hear and believe. We hopefully presented you with this possibility. Many of you believed with us and helped us, and Jews have come to faith in substantial numbers.

I am thankful to God for you because many of you not only have supported us, but have also loved us. We sense that love. We know that your affection is given not necessarily because we are so lovable, but because you love the Lord. Time and again I have pointed out to our staff that anyone who sends a donation to Jews for Jesus does so because he or she is motivated by love, faith and hope.

When Jews for Jesus began years ago, we were prepared to do a great deal less than God has allowed us to accomplish. We were prepared to go it alone. We never imagined that we would have such dedicated Christians come alongside to help us. I guess I should have had more faith. I should have believed that God would do more than I expected.

As we move into the special fall season of praising God for His goodness, I praise Him not only for His goodness, but also for your goodness, for your friendship and your support. Just to have you care is a blessing. We are blessed more than we can say, and we are thankful to God for each of you.