Above: Eli sharing the Gospel with 25 Israelis
in India during the Feast of Tabernacles

We had two Massah groups this year, maybe you read about them in our summer editions of RealTime. The first team was primarily Americans. Then we had an “all Israeli” team who came after, meeting up with and engaging other Israelis with the Gospel in India. Prior to the India journey, each team received training and opportunities to do evangelism in Israel. Both groups did a great job.

The vision for the Israeli Massah team is that they can continue ministry to other Israelis they met in India. We are so grateful that this is becoming a reality—it seemed fitting to tell you about this as part of our Thanksgiving edition.

One Israeli Massah participant said: “One of the reasons I decided to go to Massah was to get over the hidden fear that caused me not to share the Gospel. Fear which existed because of the lack of confidence and knowledge, fear of not being able to answer hard questions. This is why I came to Massah. By the third night of our training and outreach in Israel, I was singing songs on the street, handing out flyers, stopping people, talking to them and praying with them on the streets. The people of Israel are hungry and they are searching. Hopefully, God can use me to show them the way.”

Another team member said of the training week: “I’ve come to realize that we as believers don’t evangelize enough, which is really sad because we have the freedom to do so, and many people, I learned, at least in Tel Aviv are very open to hear new things, and to talk about almost anything.”

Team leader Eli Birnbaum described one of the outreaches during the Israel phase of Massah: “Our Friday night outreach was intense. We spoke to 150 people about the Gospel. A really crazy idea was to set up a ping-pong table right on the street! We had an easel, a big canvas and small canvases for people to join us painting. We also put up a cardboard ‘Wall of Thanks’ and invited people to write on it as some of the team sang and played guitar. Some other Jew ish believers joined us, and I was encouraged to see more people wanting to join in with the evangelism.

“The ‘Wall of Thanks’ was a great opportunity to challenge our culture—which is about celebrating ourselves really—to stop a moment and give thanks to God. This left me with a great opening to tell them what I am really thankful for—Yeshua! It was a truthfully honest expression of thanks for me, because as I see the reality of the Gospel, I realize that is what I am really thankful for. Of the 50 people I talked to, almost all were touched by our desire to thank God, and some people even told me that we must do this in more places. Many were touched that our faith caused us to thank God, and to ask others to thank God.

“During our week of training, in total we spoke to about 300 people about the Gospel and gave out 10 New Testaments. Every team member got into more than one Gospel conversation on the street.  The focus of the training was putting the Gospel at the center of all that we do. We had several great teachers, including several former Jews for Jesus staff. Two or three team members commented to me on the quality and content of the training and how much they needed and appreciated it.”

* Those of you who use our prayer prompters might recall you prayed about this back in June.

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