November 2013 Newsletter (5774:3)

A three-in-one festival
January 26, 2018

A three-in-one festival You probably know that November 28 is Thanksgiving… but did you know it is also the first day (and second night) of Hanukkah? These two holidays coincided only once before (125 years ago). And they will not do so again until the year...

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Thankful in Ukraine
October 4, 2013

There is an ancient Russian saying: “You never know where you will lose and where you will find.” This was certainly true for Nina. During the years of Soviet rule, Nina was diligently attempting to “lose” (hide) her Jewish identity, although...

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So What? Refer a Jewish friend for us to contact
Author: Ruth Rosen

  Are you overlooking the chance to see a Jewish relative or friend come to faith in Jesus? In this month’s “Bits from the Branches,” you can read about how Staci came to faith. We were able to put Staci in touch with one of our missionaries because...

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Hello, Israel

Hello Israel Did you know that Israelis invented many high-tech procedures that have improved the accuracy and effectiveness of modern medicine? For example, SpineAssist was the first robotic system to be used in delicate spinal surgeries. The system involves a...

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When Hanukkah and Thanksgiving Collide

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Moishe’s word of thanks still true
Topics: thanksgiving
Author: Moishe Rosen

The following is excerpted from an article that Moishe Rosen wrote for our November 1994 newsletter.  Nearly 20 years later, these words ring just as true, and so does our appreciation for each one of you who has or who will stand with us with your prayers and your...

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Israelis reaching Israelis in India

Above: Eli sharing the Gospel with 25 Israelis in India during the Feast of Tabernacles We had two Massah groups this year, maybe you read about them in our summer editions of RealTime. The first team was primarily Americans. Then we had an “all Israeli” team who came...

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Thanksgiving & Hanukkah Outreaches

It would take a time traveller to report on this year’s Thanksgiving and Hanukkah outreaches, since this letter has come to you well before they took place!* But we hope that you’ll pray for our holiday outreaches, especially when you see a few highlights...

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