Kata Tar reports: “We went out in our ‘Jews for Jesus’ T-shirts—printed in Hungarian—for the first time. On the way home via the metro, a young woman saw our new T-shirts and approached us from the other end of the carriage. Her eyes were lit with excitement: ‘Where do you have your meetings?’ she asked in Hungarian. “A” is a Jewish believer in Yeshua attending the Rabbi Training Institute. She was happy to give me her details so that we could meet again. When I asked why she was studying at the Rabbi Training Institute (where faith in Jesus would be frowned upon to say the least), she said very naturally: ‘Because I am Jewish.’ She was obviously excited to see Jewish believers, as she must feel a bit lonely among both Jews and Christians. Please pray that she can find her God-given call as a Jewish believer in the Messiah.”


Oded Cohen reports: “Recently I called Dan* to let him know the book he’d asked us to send him (about Jesus) had been returned, marked ‘bad address.’ Dan was afraid we’d forgotten to mail him the book. He asked if we might meet in person so that I could give him the book, and begin to guide him through it.

“Dan had rejected his ultra-Orthodox Jewish upbringing, and went through a season of not believing in God. He became self-destructive and one day, after hitting rock bottom, he told God,‘That’s it, either you kill me or show me that you exist!’ He came out of this period with a revelation that God is real and does indeed love him. He began reading about Jesus on the Internet and found our website.

“We set an appointment for two days later. I called to confirm twenty minutes before the meeting and Dan said,‘Sure. I’ll be there.’ But he never showed up. His phone was turned off.

“Later he said he had gone to our meeting place and saw some friends there, so he was afraid to meet with me. He asked if we might meet at a place not so public, so the following week we did so. He is taking in God’s Word now and really examining it for himself. He is drawn and is seriously in pursuit of the truth. Please pray for Dan to find his Messiah!”

Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports: “A Jewish believer called to ask us to visit Sandy, a Jewish woman who was gravely ill and needed to make peace with God. The woman who called has been Sandy’s caretaker for several years. She’d been trying her best to minister to her, but was afraid she might lose her job if she went too far.

“I made an appointment right away to visit with Sandy. Thankfully, the Lord gave us a window of opportunity. She heard the gospel of salvation and prayed with me to receive Jesus. The whole time her caretaker was next to me, silently praying her heart out, hardly able to believe what she was seeing. As I left, Sandy smiled and thanked me for driving two hours just to see her. The next day, I found that the caretaker had not lost her job, and that night, Sandy had the most peaceful sleep she’d had in a long time. Praise God!

“A team of us were reaching out at Venice Beach when Jacob* came to tell us his story. While undergoing a horrible operation, he cried out to God for help—and saw a vision of Jesus. Immediately, he was filled with a powerful peace. Jacob never forgot that experience. He saw our literature table, was glad to know that other Jews have been impacted by Jesus and eager to hear what our volunteers (Joe and Matt) had to say. In fact, he wanted to pray for the salvation of his soul right there at our table. Please pray that Jacob will seek us out for discipleship, as he works in the entertainment industry, where it’s very difficult for anyone—but especially for Jewish people—to be open about faith in Jesus.”

*Not his real name