November 2011 Newsletter (5772:3)

Thank God for…
November 1, 2011

The next generation of Jews for Jesus! And thanks to you for praying for God’s provision. We’ve got a great bunch of young people who are preparing for missionary service with us and we hope you will keep them in prayer. Most of our trainees are in New York City … Maybe you’ve seen the […]

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Grace Notes of Thanksgiving

At times, life’s pains and problems seem overwhelming—and the more so if those times coincide with holiday celebrations. When this happens, it can be hard to feel much beyond the flood of sadness flowing out of the circumstances of our lives. You know that there is much more to your life than that current crisis […]

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Bits from the Branches

Chicago Lyn Bond reports, “Why would I remember a wrong number from three years ago? Because the caller, who was trying to reach a nurse, left her number asking for a call back so she’d know whether she had the correct number. I called her back, told her I wasn’t a nurse but a minister, […]

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Announcements and Prayer Request

We’re thanking God for what He’s provided in 2011, including: New outposts in Geneva, Switzerland and Budapest, Hungary A completed tour by Blue Mosaic, a new Jews for Jesus music team Purchase of the Moishe Rosen center in Israel* Two new communities of young Jewish believers in Jesus; one group of people seeking to use […]

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