Karl de Souza reports: We are still seeing fruit from the Yiddish Jesus video we mailed into the Montreal ultra-Orthodox community in 2007. A Jewish woman named Ruth* recently called the branch, and I met with her and her husband in downtown Montreal. They had both been born into Hassidic families, but the husband, Jonathan,* is more of a free thinker. He kept telling me that his community was missing something. They watched our Yiddish Jesus film and another video about Jesus, then they looked us up on the Internet. They also read some of the New Testament, though the language was difficult for them. (They speak basic English but Yiddish is their first language.) Finally they made the phone call to talk in person. They are very open to getting a Yiddish New Testament. They are also open to contact from a Messianic congregation.”

Geneva, Switzerland

Stephen Pacht reports: “I recently had one of the most exciting times of my 20-plus years as a missionary, thanks to a wonderful Christian couple who have been attending a monthly gathering of Jewish people in a private home near Geneva. They have been part of this group for five years, as the only Christians in attendance.  The host had been drawn to them because of their love for Israel and warmth towards Jewish people.

Thanks to the witness of this couple the themes have become more spiritual and over the last year they have been asked to speak twice, once on ‘Why the Jews said no to Jesus’ and another talk on the difference between Judaism and Christianity.  And I was invited to attend as well.

On the night I attended, after the guest speaker had given his talk, the host asked me to introduce myself, my faith and Jews for Jesus. He then invited questions. He then asked if I would be the guest speaker at a subsequent gathering!  I sensed in him and others a real yearning for spiritual truth. Please pray for God’s continued work in this group.”


Yoel Ben David reports: “While Adel and I were house-hunting in Stanmore, North London, I stopped for lunch at a local establishment wearing my Jews for Jesus shirt. Before the food had been brought to the table, a Jewish man named Dean approached to ask me what we were all about because he had seen my shirt! One hour (and a plate of chips) later, Dean had heard the gospel and was ready to meet again to discuss it further. Please pray for Dean’s salvation.”


Oded Cohen reports, “I called Ami* to see if he received the Yeshua book we had sent. He not only had received it but also thanked me, and asked many questions about our faith and what it means to believe in Jesus. Ami works at a hostel with Christian volunteers who attend Messianic congregations on the Sabbath. This made him curious. He also watched a video/propaganda piece about a rabbi who convinced a struggling new Israeli believer to abandon his faith.  However, Ami didn’t know the rest of the story—that this new believer had returned to his faith in Jesus. I sent him the whole story and it reaffirmed his seeking heart. I also encouraged Ami to seek the truth for himself by examining what God says.

Ami is so open; he is searching the Scriptures daily, and emailing me many excellent questions. Please pray for Ami to come to a saving knowledge of our Lord.”

Bimini Cohen (Oded’s wife) reports, “I called Ester, who said she didn’t have time to read the Yeshua book we sent, or to meet with me, as she was too busy seeking work. I asked if I could pray for her over the phone, and she gladly agreed. Right after I prayed for her, she said, ‘Could we get together?’ So we met that week and I shared with her how I came to know Jesus as my Messiah and Savior, and how He healed my broken heart. Tears filled her eyes as she shared some of her disappointments and struggles. I called the following week, and she said, ‘I need to see you.’ When we met, I was so surprised to see a lightness in her face and a sparkle in her eyes. She is asking God for provision as well as help with understanding the Scriptures we are studying together. Please pray for the Lord to meet every need in her life with his tender care and free gift of salvation.”

* Not their real names