For friends who give us the joy of knowing that we’ve had a part in helping them share their faith with Jewish people. About a year ago we told you about Marilee from Michigan. Marilee responded to one of Moishe’s Musings by calling all 77 Rosens in her phone book. She received contact information from three people who wanted to hear more about Jesus!

We recently received a note from another friend that really encouraged us. We hope it encourages you, too, especially in light of David Brickner’s article this month.

My name is Janice and I am a supporter of Jews for Jesus. We live just a couple cities east of Seattle, Washington.  I must tell you about the most awesome witness encounter God gave me the privilege to experience this evening.

Earlier this afternoon I read in your August newsletter David Brickner’s article, The Gospel Bubble.” It was a great encouragement and reminder as a Christian to “Preach the word…do the work of an evangelist.”

Later that evening a pleasant young Jewish man from Tel Aviv came knocking at our door. He was selling oil on canvas paintings. As he showed my husband and me the paintings, he came across one of the Jordan River where he said Jesus had been. I thought it a bit odd that he would bring up Jesus but I figured it was part of his marketing tactic, knowing he was in a community where the chances were good some people believed in Jesus.

We declined to buy any of the reasonably priced paintings and he went on his way. After he was gone I thought how I could have witnessed to him and I should have used the opportunity when he brought up Jesus in the Jordan River painting.

A couple hours later I went on an evening walk, not even thinking about this young man, and yet who did I run in to?  Yes, it was the young Jewish man!  God was giving me a second chance. I asked if he had any success selling paintings. He had sold three; one was the River Jordan. I proceeded to ask him who he thought Jesus was. He told me that he did not believe in Jesus. I told him that I believed in Jesus who was Jewish, and I loved studying the ancient Jewish Scriptures… [I also told him] I loved the Jewish people and Israel. I felt that he could sense my genuineness as it was God’s love in my heart for this man.

He shook his head as in disbelief that a Gentile would have so much outspoken love for the Jewish people. I told him I believed Jesus was the Messiah. He had a hard time with his English and said he did not understand when I said Jesus is the Messiah, so I explained the gospel message. As I was speaking of God’s love for the whole world and Jesus’ suffering and death as atonement for our sins, I thought I saw his eyes well up a bit with tears. He told me he thought I was a very good woman and he wanted to give me something from Israel. I told him that he didn’t need to give me anything; that just allowing me to speak to him was special. He told me his name was Isaac.  Please pray for Isaac. I believe it may have been the first time he has heard the gospel. Perhaps God will bring him back to our neighborhood again and I may have the privilege of another divine appointment.

Thank you, Jews for Jesus. You are a great encouragement!
In Christ’s Name,