We are grateful for more things than this newsletter can possibly hold! Following are just a few for which we’re inviting you to give thanks with us.

God Brought Us Through The First Two Behold Your God Israel Campaigns

The first in our series of witnessing campaigns throughout Israel took place over the summer in the region of Gush Dan (Tel Aviv). With a high learning curve, and a lot of grace, God enabled us to raise an image for Him out on the streets where we handed out 131,725 broadsides. We also did street surveys as well as lots of phoning. We tried some creative new tactics, including stickering” and gathering crowds through making portraits at the beach. Campaigners prayed with 30 Israelis to receive Jesus and received the names of 2,245 seekers (2,074 were Jewish) willing to hear more about our beliefs.

We just recently finished our second BYG Israel campaign in the upper Galilee area. [Ed: We write that in faith, as this newsletter was put together before the campaign actually occurred.] This campaign took place in late September and early October, during the High Holiday season, in an area where a number of festivals draw Arabs and Israelis alike. To see more details regarding the campaign, please go to our website at www.jewsforjesus.org and check out “RealTime” under the Publications menu. RealTime is our e-publication and allows us to tell you the news pretty much as it happens. If you don’t already receive it, check it out on the web and subscribe—it’s free!

Our next BYG campaign will be this spring. Please keep this in prayer.

We Have A Wonderful Corps Of Volunteers That Help Us Do So Much More Than We Could On Our Own

We call our trained volunteers “Co-Laborers in Messiah” (CLIMs), and they help us in so many ways, each according to his or her gifts, from hospitality when we’re in their area, to helping with correspondence, to doing direct evangelism. Long-time CLIMs Allen and Penny Abrahamson have been conducting their own summer witnessing campaigns in their town of Portland, Oregon on a yearly basis. CLIM coordinator Carolyne Rohrig is bringing together a corps of especially bold CLIMs to be a “tiger team” covering various events at places and times that we cannot cover. If you think you might like to be a CLIM, contact Carolyne using this online form.

The Second Year Of Massah Exceeded Our Expectations

This program, now just two years old, brings young Jewish believers in Jesus to Israel where we orient them to Israeli culture and they experience our usual urban evangelism out on the streets. Then they go on to another country that attracts spiritual seekers, such as India, where they meet and share the gospel with Israeli trekkers. We are very excited that Aaron and Rachelle Trank, who led this year’s Massah (and have grown up with our Camp Gilgal program) have just joined our missionary staff this fall! (More about them and other new staff next month.)

Here are some excerpts from what one participant, Sterling, wrote:

“Wow!! God has really been moving here and it has been so exciting to be a part of His work and His plan. It has been such an amazing time that I know I won’t do it justice but will try anyway.

“We arrived in the afternoon and right from the start God was present and we were able to find a guesthouse where a lot of Israelis were staying. . . . Later on we split our group into two teams of three and went off in search of Israelis to talk to. My team found a little cafe and decided to just sit down at this big table of people and start conversations. It was really cool, all three of us had really good conversations about who we are and our belief in Yeshua. Before we left, the people invited us to come back for breakfast and talk more.

“The next day was full of conversations and the crazy thing is that we didn’t even have to try very hard to talk to people; we just had to be obedient in taking advantage of the opportunities God brought about. In the morning two Israeli girls came and sat with us and once again we were able to share with them about Yeshua and they were really interested. Later that night Rem and I played our music for one of the girls and her boyfriend. After, we talked about the meaning of the lyrics and about our relationships with God and His work in our lives. When we were done, the girl asked us, ‘Okay, what does all this mean? What do you believe?’Aaron proceeded to share the gospel and we listened and responded to her doubts and questions. Rem asked her if she wanted a Brit Hadasha (New Testament) before we left and she said yes. We all went back to our room and just praised God for using us and being so present.

“It was amazing how many truly significant and meaningful conversations we had with these Israelis. Over those next two days our guesthouse lounge was filled with Israelis who had heard our music or talked with us and we had never-ending conversations, one after the other.

“God is incredible and we were so honored to be a part of His work. It was so exciting and encouraging and fun just to be used by Him during this time. We came to India feeling somewhat inadequate but God empowered us for every work He set before us.”


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