Washington, D.C.

Larry Dubin reports: “It was a hot and humid day in downtown D.C. Well-dressed people hurried by, not interested in taking tracts or talking about Jesus. I was discouraged. And then came Natalie . . .

"25-year-old Natalie stopped to say that she remembered me from a Jews for Jesus evangelism seminar three years ago at McLean Bible Church. She’d expected the seminar to last about two hours and cover various Old Testament prophecies. It was an eight-hour seminar; the theme was street evangelism.

“Evangelism was not Natalie’s ‘thing’ since she was, as she put it, a nominal Christian at the time. The seminar really made a difference in her life; two weeks later, she led her father to Christ! She has continued attending McLean Bible Church, where she is growing in her faith. I was so encouraged that God had brought her my way.”


Valera Bolotov reports: “Recently, a Jewish man named Igor called our office and asked if one of us would meet with him. He is about 40 years old and a successful chess trainer (he calls chess ‘the Jewish sport’). When I visited him, Igor told me that he felt an emptiness in his soul that nothing seemed to fill. He felt that his life had no purpose. We read a few Bible passages that showed how all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. When I talked about repentance and reconciliation with God through Jesus, Igor clearly wanted to receive that peace. It was not long before he received Y’shua. Glory be to the Lord that another Jewish heart opened towards His love! I congratulated Igor on joining God’s family, and invited him to our Shabbat meetings. Please pray that he will not stop at the first step, but will continue following the Lord, step by step, and that the devil will be checkmated in Igor’s life.”


Mira Gracheva reports: “The Lord is opening hearts of young and not so young people in Moscow. Recently, I went on a sortie (tract-passing expedition) at the Polyanka subway station, though we usually don’t go there. It was going well as Jewish people were stopping to talk and give me their contact information. A group of young people were handing something out not far away from me and my ‘broadside’ tract entitled ‘What Is Love?’ caught their interest. After some time, four of them approached to ask me, ‘How can we know God?’ I have seen many things throughout my years of ministry with Jews for Jesus, but I had never seen anything like that, especially in the center of Moscow! ‘Are you kidding?’ I asked, and got a surprised answer, ‘No, but how?’ I began telling them my story about the Savior! All four prayed with me, and received the Lord into their hearts! People flew around us and were puzzled, as we stood praying on the main road. I was glad, surprised, and so grateful to the Lord for the miracle of salvation! Later that week, in the Red Square, where I often sortie, a Jewish couple, Lev and Katerina (79 and 67) and a Gentile, Lidia, also prayed to receive the Lord.”

South Florida

Greg Savitt reports: “A longtime friend of Jews for Jesus called our office asking if we could visit her Jewish friend Ida, who was very open to the gospel. Well, Ida had some curiosity about Jesus but was far from being born again. At 71 she was seeking solutions for her life, attending church and willing to meet with me. Despite her troubles, she came to faith in the One who cares the most—Jesus. Please pray for me to help her learn to walk with Y’shua in the midst of her problems.”