During our BYG campaign this past July I heard about Mitch, a Jewish man in Phoenix who had become interested in Jesus. I emailed him during the campaign, told him that my wife Tracy and I would be moving to Phoenix in August and suggested that we get together then and talk about Jesus. He agreed.

When I got to Phoenix I contacted Mitch again and we met the following week . . . my first week of ministry from the Phoenix outpost! We opened the Bible over coffee. It became apparent that Mitch was truly searching as we talked about sin, salvation and the Savior. When I saw that he believed the gospel I invited him to ask God for forgiveness, and to receive Jesus as his Savior. He said yes! After we prayed, Mitch looked at me and asked, “What should I do next?” We will continue meeting for Bible study.

I saw this as God’s special encouragement and confirmation of this new work. Please pray for Mitch to grow, and for Tracy and me to have many more such opportunities here in Phoenix.