Tel Aviv

Miriam Abramov reports, A recent sortie (tract passing expedition) seemed especially difficult as nobody wanted to stop and talk. Yet we kept handing out our tracts and trying to engage people with the gospel. Finally I said a quick prayer: ‘Oh Lord, please bring to us today those who You prepared and who You want to bring.’ My prayer was not only a petition but an acknowledgment that I can do nothing apart from Him. Two minutes later a woman named Oreet stopped to ask me about the tract I had handed to her. I began to tell her about our belief in Messiah Yeshua. (Jesus) She said, ‘I prayed and asked God in Yeshua’s name to send me people who could explain the Messiah and the New Testament to me.’ God answered her prayer and mine at the same time! She explained that she often prayed in Yeshua’s name because she heard somewhere that she should do so. I visited her at her home the next day to answer her questions and explain the gospel—and she prayed to receive Yeshua in her heart as Lord and Savior. God is doing wonderful things in Israel.”


Andrew Barron reports, “Lately I have been struggling and feeling as though my evangelistic efforts are not making any headway in reaching people. Then, one day, as I was making phone calls I began having meaningful encounters with people. I spoke to Eric, a Jewish man who has many objections to the gospel but is willing to meet with me to address them. Please pray that our encounter will be fruitful.

“Occasionally I like to go to my local coffee shop to write correspondence, and I usually wear one of our Jews for Jesus T-shirts. That day I had my ‘Jesus is Messiah’ T-shirt on, which also has the Hebrew words of the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:5). While I was stirring my coffee, a Jewish man read aloud the Hebrew words on my shirt. We struck up a conversation, and I had a chance to share the gospel with him. He lives in my neighborhood and expressed interest in talking again.

“I’m reminded that faithfulness counts. ‘Dry spells’ come, but if we continue what we ought to be doing, fruit will come. The book of Hebrews reminds us to, ‘run with endurance the race that is set before us.'”


Bimini Cohen reports, “In one day, three women I minister to decided they ‘do not want to change,’ and basically are not open to further ministry. I was saddened, but I know it is not necessarily the end of the story for them.

“You see, over two years ago, I was introduced to Mrs. G., a 93-year- old Jewish woman, by her believing cousin. She was friendly when her cousin was present, but when I followed up with a call a week later, she told me, ‘I’m not interested,’ and hung up. I continued to call her from time to time and I prayed for her weekly. She met with me a couple of times, and I gave her literature to read. She also regularly reads ISSUES (our publication for unsaved Jewish people). But often she would cancel our visits at the last minute. During one phone conversation she told me, ‘Don’t ever call me again!’ I asked her, ‘You mean not ever?’ And she responded, ‘Well, maybe not ever, but just not too often.’ Well, thanks be to God, she allowed me to visit her recently and she showed me a book she had ordered which had a pamphlet about ‘the Romans Road to Salvation’ (verses from the book of Romans) inserted in it.

“Imagine my surprise and delight when she said, ‘I don’t see anything wrong with believing this.’ I then went over God’s plan of salvation through Jesus with her to make sure she really understood those verses. She said, ‘I don’t have anything to lose by believing this.’ Mrs. G. is a wonderful reminder of how important our prayers are (even just weekly!) and how unimportant I am in the whole scheme of someone’s salvation story. And it is a reminder to pray for the many Jewish people everywhere who are reading ISSUES. It took so little on my part, but how mighty is God’s hand upon Mrs. G.! Please pray for her faith to hold fast despite probable opposition from her family.”