Stephen Pacht reports, A pastor friend referred Philippe, a Jewish lawyer, to us. Philippe has been attending our weekly Bible study and was shocked to discover that the French Rabbinate’s translation of the Hebrew Bible seemed to intentionally mistranslate certain key messianic prophecies. Pray for Philippe’s salvation and for that of his Gentile wife. She has been attending Bible studies at the church whose pastor referred Philippe to us.

“Please also pray for Uriel, a former acting rabbi (he was not yet certified but stood in as a rabbi) who also attends our Bible studies and more or less believes in Jesus, but is under pressure as he is without a job and living with his parents. Pray also for Pinhas (whom we met during our telephone survey). Pinhas is now praying that God would show him the truth about Jesus.”


From Bob Mendelsohn, “The Apostle Peter writes, ‘As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby’ (1 Peter 2:2). I’ve often seen that verse as an important instruction to give to new believers so that they become enthused about reading the Bible. The Bible also seems to be saying that a longing for the Scriptures is evidence that new birth has occurred. I certainly found this to be the case in a recent discipleship visit with Judith, a 48-year-old Hungarian Jew. Lately, she has really been longing to grapple with biblical texts in light of our discipling classes. She’s doing her homework and this is encouraging.

“Even more encouraging, Judith’s 27-year-old daughter, Donna, recently prayed with me to accept Jesus as her Messiah and Saviour. In addition to discipleship lessons, I’m reading the Bible with Donna each morning by phone. When I have to travel, mother and daughter read the Bible and pray together. They are not discipling one another, but are both like newborn babies in God’s nursery. How great is our God!”

Washington, D.C.

Stephen Katz reports, “Ken is a Jewish man who emailed McLean Bible Church saying, ‘I have been listening to [Pastor] Lon’s messages at 9:30 on Sunday mornings at Sheetz Church. Actually, Sheetz is a mega gas station as you probably know. Every Sunday morning for the past couple of years I buy my 24 oz. cup of coffee and some small treat and I sit in my truck and listen.’ McLean Bible Church asked us to follow up with Ken, and I began meeting with him. During our first visit, Ken said, ‘I believe that Jesus believed He died for people’s sins.’ By the third visit Ken believed it for himself and prayed to receive Him. Hallelujah!”

Also from D.C., Deb Dubin reports, “The Washington, D.C. branch spent some time gearing up for our BYG campaign, especially with regards to our exercise regime. Stephen, Lynn McCoy and I joined the gym directly across the street from our office. After seeing us working out in our Jews for Jesus T-shirts over and over again, people at the gym began to ask, ‘Hey, what do you guys do anyway?’ I had dinner with ten of my aerobic classmates last week, and many asked questions. One vegetarian commented, ‘Jews for Jesus; that’s sort of a contradiction of terms.’ My response to her was, ‘Yeah, some people think it’s like vegetarians for meat.’ (ed. See p. 4) We all laughed, and I had an opportunity to share my faith. A healthy branch is also a happy one—and we’ll be even happier if the gospel seeds planted bear fruit!”

Fort Lauderdale

Stan Meyer reports, “I ‘accidentally’ got interviewed on Voice of America (VOA) while my wife Holly and I toured a radio station during our vacation. Larry London, who hosts the VOA music program, invited our group into his studio and asked, who would like to come to the microphone with me? ‘Holly spoke up: ‘It’s Stan’s birthday today.’ Larry said, ‘Let’s put the birthday boy on.’ Inevitably, he asked, ‘Where are you from and what do you do?’

“‘I am from Fort Lauderdale and we work for Jews for Jesus. We are an organization of Jews who believe Jesus is the promised Messiah.’ He said, ‘Oh, I’ve heard of you guys. Hey, I’m Jewish, too.’ The show was being beamed to the Middle East, including Israel.”