November 2004 Newsletter (5765:3)

Arrogant Toward the Branches
November 1, 2004

Newspapers this past August were filled with stories concerning a decision by the United Presbyterian Church USA to divest of selected companies doing business in Israel. They will make their final decision in March 2005. The divestment is in protest of Israeli...

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What I Did on My Thanksgiving Vacation
Author: Lauri Gruen

The next time you hear that scathingly original comeback: Jews for Jesus is like vegetarians for meat,” REMEMBER THIS: Once upon a time about some 20+ years ago a nice Jewish girl from upstate New York daily trekked the streets of dog-eat-dog Manhattan to and...

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Thanksgiving Praise Report
Author: Lyn Bond

It has been two years since my Dad (Moishe Rosen) wrote a Thanksgiving article for this newsletter. He wrote it shortly after I was hit by a car while on an evening walk with my husband Alan. I’ve been thinking about that article because he wrote it when things...

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Ten Things You Can’t Do Well While Being Genuinely Thankful to God

Be afraid Be angry Be depressed Be jealous Be self-pitying Be judgmental Be bored Be greedy Be impatient Be arrogant Real gratitude to God does not leave room for any of that stuff. So enjoy your Thanksgiving and all the peace, joy, humility and holiness that go...

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God’s Timing Is Perfect

I first met Sarah at a presentation of Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles” that my husband Steve and I gave at Sunrise Community Church in Vacaville, California last October. We knew that there were Jewish believers in Jesus in the congregation, and that some...

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The BYG Pic

This month we are saying to the city of Spo Paulo, Behold Your God!” Sergio Danon, who heads up our work in Brazil, is leading the campaign and Oded Cohen, from our Boston branch, is assisting him. There are between 80,000-100,000 Jewish people in the bustling...

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